Ways In Which You Can Avoid Reverse Culture Shock After Homecoming

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How to Avoid Reverse Culture Shock

Who does not crave the comfort of home? Studying abroad all the time homely feeling is the most important thing everyone has craved, but has that separation and environment changed you into a different personality? And when you actually come back to the home that you were craving all along is it not feeling home now? Are you not able to adjust to your own home environment? No, you are not the only one who is feeling alien in their own home.

A very huge or maybe almost all of the study abroad students feel this reverse cultural shock when they move back to their home after a long studying abroad journey, due to which they may find themselves in a state of irritation and helplessness. Let us help you solve this problem of feeling lonely in your home, reduce the intensity of this reverse cultural shock and help you blend in back real quickly. Remember the time when you moved abroad? Did you not feel the same thing? Did you not feel out of the place? But eventually, after a while later when your honeymoon phase was over you started to blend and feel belongingness. It might feel strange but these are the same series of steps that you will have to take in your own country and home too. The coming back, the initial phase, the blending in and finally feeling belonged.

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Some Reasons Why Students Face Reverse Cultural Shock

The following are some reasons that led people to experience the reverse culture shock when they come back home:

reverse culture shock
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  • The lifestyle abroad has made and developed you in a way that your personality has changed from what it was when you were in your home country.
  • You had a lot of struggle finally adapting to the lifestyle abroad and the culture there is much different from what is in your hometown.
  • You have lost the connection with your family and friends in your hometown.
  • Your schedule there only needed to be made according to your activities whereas it is not the same here.
  • As you have been out for a long time there have been a lot of changes in your home too and is not what you remember from the time you left, hence it does not meet your expectations and comes as a shock to you.

Problems that the Students face after coming back

reverse culture shock
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I can understand how twisted your tongue feels at this time. You feel like speaking your mother tongue is a task, and you are messing up both the languages that you used there and that you have to use here. Now as you have already arrived you can only go through the initial alienness until you get comfortable eventually and get used to speaking and listening to your native language. But for the students who are abroad and are reading this blog, I would suggest keeping in touch with your language would be really helpful if you want to feel comfortable after coming back. Try to talk to your parents and family in your native language even while you are out, engross yourself in local language movies and entertainment and never lose the touch and habit of speaking and listening to your own language.

Connecting with the family

Students after coming back feel like they have lost the connection to their family. Like they are not the same comfortable and their family cannot understand them. You can avoid this by talking to your family daily from abroad, keeping in touch and not losing the connection while you are still out. This will help you not feel strange after coming back. Try calling your close ones every day or once in a couple of days and connecting over Skype as frequently as possible.


With so much difficulty you have changed your taste and comfort food to the local food abroad and now coming back to the spices of India is tricky. You want to eat it, you want to like it but you are not able to? The only way to avoid this is to try cooking your traditional meals once in a while or order in if available. Losing the complete taste of the food of your home and country will definitely land you in misery when you reach back home. For now, if you have already made your journey to India, try to start with the food items that you used to love back when you used to live at home. Once in a while, you can order the food you used to have abroad and also share it with your friends, but be comfortable as soon as possible because it is a luxury to have food cooked by your family, it not only has nutrition but endless love.

Reduced talking

I understand you have started to like the privacy you have got in the last few years while you stay in another country alone. The habits have changed and you talk less than you used to and that is irking your family. If you want to take precautions regarding this issue then what you can do is to not lose the confiding relationship with your family even when abroad. Try to share as much as you can with your family or close ones, and try to talk to everyone instead of staying alone in your room. But if you have already come to India then take your time but mingle with others. It will take some time initially but eventually, you will be as comfortable as you were. Stary with the members you are closest to, share your experience, talk about your liking and enjoy the talks.

Time Distribution

There you only have to give time to yourself but as you come back an equal share of your time will go to your family and friends. Though it may take some time and be a little tiresome initially you will eventually get used to distributing your time among your studies, friends, family and your other tasks. Initially, it will be hectic but setting a schedule will help you a lot in getting through this.

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Ways to Manage Reverse Culture Shock

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The following are a few ways in which you can manage the reverse culture shock:

  • The first step towards change is acceptance. Accept that you are moving into your home. Leave behind the country of study and stay. Say goodbye with full acceptance and enthusiasm.
  • Prepare yourself in advance and try to do as much as you can by staying there like talking to family as much as possible, adapting to the food that you will get at home, and getting comfortable with your native language.
  • Try to make a routine while you are still abroad according to the situation you will have at home.
  • Talk to people and be updated with what changes that you can see and face when you are back.
  • Increase your interaction with the students who are from your country and spend more time with them who understand you and help you through your struggle

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