10 Smartest People On Earth

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10 Smartest People On Earth

Like “Poo” said “Mai apni favrouit hu” I know you say “Mai sabse smart hu”

But are you really that smart?

What do you think smartness is judged by seeing? Looks? Body language? Way of talking? High IQ?

I am sure the friend of yours who has the best looks is the smartest for you, or the person who has answers to all the questions is the smartest, or maybe the one who has a class in way of living probably. 

What I believe is that there is no one definition of smartness!

You can be smart in several ways, but what is believed is what is considered by the majority. Therefore, the ones who use the maximum of their minds, have the thinking that could be different and higher than all, could use their thinking to give a product to a huge number of people or bring an impactful change is what is considered smart.

Smart is nothing but intelligent. 

Now tell me, are you intelligent? Do you consider yourself the most intelligent person on the planet earth? Have you given anything to the world using this intelligence that can make everyone believe you are the smartest?

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No? Not yet?

Not a problem, I am sure you will someday! And then you will be added to the list of the smartest people. You and I are impatiently waiting for that day!

Till then let me tell you about the top 10 smartest people on earth, who I believe have used their intelligence to the best, have led a lot of things to change and given a meaning to the word “smart”. I hope it will help you learn several things from them and add to your progress in being the smartest person!

Albert Einstein

10 Smartest People On Earth
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I don’t think it is even a thing to think a second time when stating that Albert Einstein was the most intelligent person the world has ever seen. The man has proven his smartness not once but many times and provided you and me with the things we could have never thought of if it was not for him. The inventions and discoveries made by Einstein like the photoelectric effect, quantum theory, etc are proof of his smartness to the rest world. Sure we can not become like him, but we definitely can pick some of his characteristics like determination and promise to be determined towards our goal.

Stephen Hawking

10 Smartest People On Earth
Credit: CNBC

Stephen Hawking, also known as the pure genius is one of the iconic people who has never let his disabilities come in the way of his success and motivated the world in a way no one can. He worked on the physics of black holes and also wrote several best-selling books that are still trending. One of the most famous books is A Brief History of Time; From Big Bang to black Hole, it was written in 1988 and the book is still well-known. The man gave the world a whole new perspective and level of thinking. He changed people’s understanding of the universe. his theories and astronomical perspective are widely recognized.

Blaise Pascal

10 Smartest People On Earth
Credit: Medium

I am sure you know that the calculator that you are using to calculate the toughest calculations easily, the syringe that helps you get injected, the hydraulic press or the roulette wheel that a lot of you do a lot of fun using is the invention of Blaise Pascal?. He proved the existence of a vacuum above the atmosphere and discovered the atmospheric pressure and also left no doubt in the fact that he was the greatest super genius. 

Leonardo De Vinci

10 Smartest People On Earth
Credit: Biography

Another most intelligent humans in history is considered to be Leonardo De Vinci. He was one of the great artists and scientist. He is the one who introduced the application of science in art and music. His ideas helped invent great inventions like helicopters, guns, parachutes, cars, etc.

Akshay Venkatesh

10 Smartest People On Earth
Credit: Stanford news

What can you do at the age of 12? Not sure?

Akshay Venkatesh won the International Physics Olympiad at the age of 12. Shocked? Not only that, he also won the International Mathematics Olympiad at the age of 12. He is one of the people who are honoured with the Nobel Prize for mathematics. His intelligence is highly recognised around the world and his contribution to mathematics in fields of topology, ergodic theory, and research are rewarded with price and recognised. 

Marilyn Vos Savant

10 Smartest People On Earth
Credit: Medium

Marilyn Vos Savant became the first and most famous world record holder of having the highest IQ in the Guinness Book of World Records. She is a playwright, author and American communalist. She is one of the top smartest people in the world and her contribution to world literature is well-known and appreciated.

Ruth Lawrence

10 Smartest People On Earth
Credit: Daily mail

Ruth Lawrence is a mathematician and a professor of mathematics at the Einstein Institute of Mathematics and many other recognised universities. The major research she has worked on is algebraic topology and knot theory. She was considered the brainiest child in the whole British. Her intelligence is always considered on par with the most intelligent people like Einstein. She was the youngest person ever admitted to Oxford University at the age of 10 by clearing the University entrance examination.


10 Smartest People On Earth
Credit: FairGaza

Shrinivas Ramanujan is the person who has shaped the mathematics of the 20th century. His work on mathematical analysis, infinite series, continuous fractions, number theory etc is considered the most intelligent, remarkable, original and elegant work. His contribution to modern mathematics is unforgettable as the formulas that we use today are given by him, unchanged. He received no formal training, yet the depth of his work was unimaginable.

John Sununu

10 Smartest People On Earth
Credit: Wikipedia

John Sununu has a world in the US House of Representatives. He is famous for having a very good level of IQ and being a member of the Mega society, it is a society whose members are composed of people whose IQ is in the range of the smartest people. The man is popular for having an IQ of intelligence.

Noam Chomsky

10 Smartest People On Earth
Credit: ABC

Noam Chomsky is known for revolutionising the linguistic field by the introduction of the Chomsky hierarchy, concept of universal grammar and generative grammar. All his introductions are what the innate structure of the mind is based on and underlies all human speech. The man is intelligent enough to not be counted as a normal human, but he is not alien, just an excellent mixture of strong work ethic, speed reading skills, good memory and over-the-par smartness.

Each of the personalities mentioned above is the smartest, highly inspiring and gives us inventions and theories and some behavioural characteristics to learn from and be smart in our way. I hope you are motivated enough too to be a part of this list a few years later, am I right? Looking up at these people gives us a sense of wonder and amazement and an urge to learn and grow like them.

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