7 Wonders of the World ft. ‘Study Abroad’

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7 wonders of the world

Want to explore the world? Have you ever thought about when are you going to get the time to do so? Oh, didn’t think about it? That’s sad… because if you are thinking that there will come a day when you will be done with your studies, landed a wonderful job and raised a beautiful family, and then your children’s education… you see, this is never going to end. What we mean to say is there is no ideal time to start exploring the world, so better start it today. Here are the seven wonders of the world in the field of education and work that we curated as per popularity and rankings. 

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7 Wonders of the World ft. Study Abroad 

7 wonders of the world - Ft. Education

We will leave the ‘educational stuff’ for some other day, here we are only going to briefly talk about why these study abroad wonders and how can fulfil your dream of exploration. Here is our list,

United Kingdom

United Kingdom, 7 wonders of the world - Ft. Education

UK’s best-ranking universities, best research options, shorter postgraduate courses, lucrative part-time work and jobs after course completion, loads of scholarship options and whatnot. Besides, you can explore the country that should be visited by everyone at least once. 

Get your vibes checked at the Glastonbury music festival. If you are thinking that is the only once-in-a-lifetime experience then UK is gonna impress you beyond limits. The city of Wales itself is an architectural marvel and if you wanna be a bit pre-historic, do visit Stonehenge too. There is plenty to explore by the way but the list must go on!

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United States

Australia, 7 wonders of the world - Ft. Education

Want to live that American dream? But first, let’s talk about studies. US is the one country which has the maximum number of universities in all world university rankings. Besides, it is popularly known as the land of opportunities. It’s time to grab yours.

Fact Check: US has issued a record number of student visas to Indians this year.  

What’s to explore? We mean except for Hollywood… we know that is so obvious. If you are looking for that old-world feel of Archies comics towns like Deadwood, Saint Antonio and Lanes of Boston are going to impress you. Lastly, if you are there in America already, you can even live your childhood dream of visiting Disneyland. Now that’s the real wonder!


Australia, 7 wonders of the world - Ft. Education

Australia has a number of relaxations for the Indians. They value education a lot and have been offering competitive opportunities to the students to enter the global education forum. Fond of open deserts and long stretches of less populated beaches? Then Australia is a true wonder for you. 

There are beautiful, highly urbanised and well-developed cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, where the party scene is really cool. On the other hand, you also have the modest countryside to offer you a calm and serene environment and finally some peace in life too. 

However, if you are fresh off the boat, mind the Australian accent. Australians have a knack for irony, sarcasm and turning words into shortened slags. Where ‘Ambulance’ becomes ‘Ambo’, be sure what you are looking for and have fun discovering your own accent.

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France, 7 wonders of the world - Ft. Education

First of all, it will be easier to learn French while living among the French people. It is the second most popular language in the world and opens great doors for your career. Talking of education and career, France has not only given us great scientists and engineers, businessmen and other experts but also some very great artists from whom you can gain inspiration.  

Living in France will give you the pleasure of savoury and authentic French cuisine. Mind that, French Fries are not among those. Nonetheless, the other best thing to explore in France is the art of the Renaissance. Paris not only houses the ‘La Louvre’ but also a lot of Da Vinci’s, Bernini’s, Van Gogh’s and many more. 


Canada, 7 wonders of the world - Ft. Education

Canada is another country with global recognition for education and lovable policies for international students. The tech and business courses in Canada shape remarkable careers and students also love the lifestyle of the country. 

Speaking of lifestyle, if you want if you are fond of ‘desi’ cuisine, you will not miss it out there. The land is unequivocally serene and pristine with nearly half of the total lakes and lots of rivers. Canada has both to offer if you want natural beauty or a highly modernised environment. 

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Germany, 7 wonders of the world - Ft. Education

Germany offers unique course programs to students with extraordinary specialisations. The education and research of the country is a real gem. Moreover, if you put the living costs aside, education in Germany is quite affordable. Many public universities are there to help students study and all of them demand little to no tuition fees. 

What you can explore is even more interesting. You can hop on festivals like Oktoberfest and or explore the Christmas Markets around. In the land of ‘Land of Poets and Thinkers’, you also find beautiful dream-like castles. Walt Disney’s iconic castle is actually an inspiration from German art. 

New Zealand 

New Zealand, 7 wonders of the world - Ft. Education

New Zealand also has some of the top 500 universities in the world. The education system in the country is practice-oriented and inspired by the UK. It is currently an underexplored destination with great opportunities and facilities. Which is even better for students to cut the competition. 

Have you become too familiarised with Western culture? You may want to explore something new! Well in New Zealand you can find the Maori culture quite impressive. The Island Country is actually a blend of many cultures despite being a small country with a population of 4.5 million. You can even visit Hobbiton in NZ. Yes, the land of Hobbits in Lord of the Rings Saga is situated in New Zealand. 

These were the 7 study abroad wonders of the world. Let us know which one would you like to explore. If you are also starting your college life soon or are already in there, you can drop by our Infotainment page to find some awesome relatable content.  

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