What If Magic School Existed for Real?

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What If Magic School Existed for Real

Be Honest!

Have you not once in your life thought that there should have been a magic school?

At least after coming across Harry Porter? Or our Bollywood hits in magic?

I have had this thought a thousand times, especially engrossing myself in a magical movie or book. It had been a dream, not just mine but a lot of people to be able to study in magic school, to learn magic tricks, to once in life be able to enter a railway station platform through a pillar like Harry Porter did, and to have a Dobby for your own.

What if there was a magic school in real life, who would study there? Again the celebrities or you and me?

Once again let’s get into the world of our magical imagination and see what life would look like if a real magic school existed.

Abracadabra, let’s make a magic world of our own!

magic school

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Selection Process For The Magic School

magic school
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So what if it is a magic school, you thought you would sneak away from exams? No, that is something even magic can not beat. No student is getting away from writing CAT, UPSC, GMAT, and IIT in this life at least.

Wondering if we had to go into a magic school and not an MBA or Government one?

Relax, you are still going to magic school, where these exams are as magical as the school, for say:

  • CAT would be “Conjure Accuracy Test”, 
  • GMAT would be “Grace of Magic and Trickery Test”, 
  • UPSC stands for “Unique Perception of Sorcery and Cryptics” and 
  • IIT would be “Illusion based Intelligence Test”, etc.

Clearing the exams will get you a step forward, a step into the prestigious school of magic. And the exams would keep all of us equal, no celebrities priority, no VIP or pure bloodedness, just fair exam and fair knowledge without the stress ok quota for once.

The Gate Of School

magic school
Credit: Pinterest

Where would the inspiration for the builders come from? Of course the history of cinemas.

If the magic school existed and If you clear the exam you will automatically be permitted the entrance pass to the school.

Now, the school gate wouldn’t be a normal home-like gate, so how would it be?

Yes right, straight from the mirror. Your own mirror. Go try touching and checking it if something is fishy already. 

One in the mirror, you’ll find your way yourself with the help of a very helpful magical butterfly, because why not? Butterflies have always been magical to us right?

magic school
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Introduction To School And Teachers

Unfortunately, the school would not have flying candles or invisible walls to make it difficult for normal humans. It is a beautiful building with a very big campus and a nonscary but magical environment for a smooth transition from a normal student to a magician.

magic school
Credit: The Golarion Gazette

How many schools would Dumbledore handle alone, let him handle Hogwarts. Our magic school’s principal would be our own trusted and loving Bhootnath. Believe me, there could be no one better to perform and teach the best of magic.

magic school
 Credit: India TV News

Magic in your school would not restrict itself to this world itself, it will have the best personality teachers from all over the universe, coming from far away galaxies in the form of your beloved teachers.

magic school
Credit: DNA India

You will meet a lot of good and amazing teachers with unique skills once you start your course in the school and start magicking yourself who you would like, unlike your current math teacher.

Let’s See What Can You Learn In The Magic School

Language classes to magic language classes

How cool would it be to be able to talk to the animals, your stuffed toys, or your mates in a language that not everyone understands but how would you communicate with other nonmagic people?

The school would teach you normal languages as well as magic language so our dear magicians are allrounders.

Other Subjects

Be a magician or god himself, if you live in this world you would have to know to be able to calculate the area of a rhombus or find the speed of a moving car. 

So if the magic school existed be prepared to learn illusions, magic, etc but don’t forget to be a human because you will have the classes for all the subjects of a normal school too. 

No knowledge of magic can make you escape the competition of the real CAT, GMAT, etc in this world, maybe it will help you peek into other’s sheets probably.


magic school
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Imagine taking a practical of cutting through a box with a human in it. No not the one we have in magic shows with the trick of replacing people but the actual real human being cut and repaired by magic. It can be you too in the box. Are you ready? Do you still have the guts to enroll in a magic school?

Be prepared because my friend that would be the simplest of tricks, you will have a lot of more scary and unimaginable practical sessions to train you to be a real magician. Don’t worry after all you will always have magic to make everything alright.

Outcome  Of Studying In A Magic School

magic school
Credit: India.com


  • Getting fame without being a celebrity
  • Knowing a lot of things you wouldn’t know otherwise
  • Freedom to call yourself better than Harry Porter and real of course 
  • No need to cook food, because magic can
  • No fear of anything because everything is reversible
  • Can talk to any and everything
  • Travel without cost on your broom


  • You will still be scolded by your parents
  • You will still have to study
  • You will still have to work
  • You still can not escape marks

But who cares about the disadvantages, after all, you are a magician, make yourself disappear when getting scolded and book another session of punishment. 

The life would definitely change if magic school existed in the real world, things would become magical, and the world would light up but some roles and some aspects would stay as they are because they already are beautiful and very essential to flourish. 

I wish a magic school existed so you could enroll yourself in the magic school of our imagination and and life your magic life. Toread more such fun and amazing blogs follow Infotainment and to know about study abroad follow Leverage Edu.

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