Best Bollywood Motivational Dialogues For Study Abroad Students

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Motivational Dialogues

Bollywood has given us some of the best movies, some of the best songs, some of the best memories, the best actors, the best directions, and a lot of other best things. And surprisingly the Industry is not behind in giving us some of the best dialogues. Not just simple, plain dialogues but highly motivational dialogues. 

Study abroad students undoubtedly need a lot of motivation for their daily functioning. There are low days when the students lose all the will to go on to another day. So days are exciting and fun too but no one day of energy decides the rest of the days. Generally speaking, not just study abroad students but all of the people lose motivation here and there and seek ways to find it back. 

There is no doubt that on these days, when your body requires rest and seeks peace, you seek respite in recreational things like going to relaxing places, enjoying music, movies or likewise. If you are a movie enthusiast, you must have come across these dialogues but if you are not, you must read this blog to the end to find some very motivating dialogues that will not just give you the motivation to work hard and meet your goals, but will inspire you to reach heights you did not dream about yet. Sometimes, things just click in the right places. Hoping these dialogues will click the hidden desires of your and give you new dreams and the motivation to get them fulfilled altogether. 

Motivational Dialogues
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Top Bollywood Motivational Dialogues To Learn And Get Inspired From 

To see our students shine and reach the top of their goals, any help we can do will always be less. This is one of those gestures. Find the best and most highly motivating dialogues below and get inspired.

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Insaan ko dibbe mai sirf tab hone chahiye jab vo mar chukaa ho! (Humans should only be in the box when they die) –Zindagi na milegi dobara

The dialogue is on the darker side undoubtedly but the meaning of it is that humans are made to fly, create, develop, grow and reach the sky. During life when the person is alive, his/her thinking should not be constrained to the four walls of walls. There should be no block that must stop them from growing. The growth and the spectrum of thinking should only get closed in the box when the person is dead and finally is resting in the walls of his/her coffin. 

Motivational Dialogues
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Bade se bada business, paise se nahi, ek bade idea se banta hai! (The buggiest of all business is not made of money, but rather a good idea) –Badmash Company

The dialogue suggests no success comes from resources rather it is the idea that holds the worth. All the power is in the idea. If you have a good idea, have big dreams then you sure will be able to find the resources to fulfil them. But if you have the resources but no idea, the resources are of no use and you will not be able to make anything out of it. 

Kahin pohochne ke lie kahin se nikalna bahut zaruri hota hai. (In order to reach somewhere better, you need to leave something however comfortable it may be!) –Ye jawaani hai deewani.

The dialogue suggests that if a person has a dream to reach a particular point in life which is away from their current situation, they must first leave their current place. They must leave behind all the comforts, memories, or attachments that are holding them back. Until and unless you leave your comfort, you will not be able to move towards the better. 

Jo nahi ho sakta, whai toh karna hai! (The goal is to do the undoable) -Chak de India.

If the first person who walked on the moon did not think about doing it, the moon would still be unknown to us. If the person who invented electricity did not go out the boundaries, we would still be studying under the light of a candle. The desire to be different and do things that are undoable is the mother of invention. So you will be no different if you keep running in the race for the same goal. What makes you different is your will to do the impossible.

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Bahgwaan ke bharose mat baithiye, kya pata bhagwaan humare barose baitha ho. (Do not rely on thinking it is all the plan of god, what if god himself is relying on your plans) –Manjhi, the mountain man

The dialogue indicates that it is very futile to always be relying on god thinking it is all his plan. Destiny does not always decide your future. It is you who makes your future better, it’s you who writes the further script of your life and it is you whose sole responsibility it is to make life better. Who knows that god has so much faith in you that he himself has held you the pen to make the best of stories? It is your responsibility not to let the expectations of your god down. 

Motivational Dialogues
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Jung hathyaron ko lagta hai, iraadon ko nahi! (Only weapons get rusted, not the desires) –Shootout at Wadala

 Wepons indicated the resources available to humans to grow. These worldly weapons can get rusted or damaged. But should that stop you from growing? Does that mean you will have to stop the desire and will to grow? Does the damage to the material things damage your dreams too? No right. The dreams and desires are always free of the worldly damage. Keep your dreams high and find other ways if you fail to reach them through some.

Jo haarta hai, wo hi jeetne ka matlab jaanta hai! (The one who fails only now the real meaning of winning) –Jannat

Have you ever failed in life? If you have you will be able to understand this better. The dialogue suggests that the person who has never failed in life and yurt did not stop from working hard again to reach the same goal knows the taste of the win better. The failure should never be the reason you stop. Failure only shows you where you lag. Failure should always be taken as the source of knowledge and experience. Because if you never lose, you will never know the worth of victory that comes after a real struggle. Anything that comes easy tastes average. 

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So students! Do not let your hopes down. There will be days when you will find your boat sinking and the waves high. Does that mean you will not survive? That means that you have to come up with an idea to uplift your boat. Do not forget, “Haar ke jeetne wale ko baazigar kehte hai” This means that the person who wins after the failure is the real hero. 

Hope this blog helped you find some really motivational dialogue from Bollywood and some real motivation too. To read more of such interesting blogs on informative and entertaining topics, follow Infotainment Archives and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below regarding any doubts or suggestions.

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