10 Habits You Need to Leave Behind Before Moving to Study Abroad

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Habits You Need to Leave Behind Before Moving to Study Abroad

Packing your bags to study abroad? Don’t forget to leave these 10 habits behind! Certain habits may work in India, and can even get you through life However, practising them in a foreign country may not go well. These habits can make you go bankrupt or even end up in jail. Therefore, it is better to be aware of them. Here we have provided a list of 10 habits that are better left behind in India by an international student.

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Frivolous Spending 

Isn’t it amazing to spend money when you don’t have to worry about where it is coming from? Unfortunately, your parents won’t be taking care of your expenses. It means frivolous spending is off the charts. You might also have to count every penny you earn, to pay back the educational loan

Avoiding Household Chores 

Things don’t automatically fall into their place. You have to wash the dishes you don’t want to wash, clean the house you share with your roommates, and wash your clothes. 

Living independently comes with its cost. In this case, doing your household chores is the answer.  

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Not Cooking Your Meal 

As an Indian you would agree, there is no better food than a home-cooked meal. However, Indian restaurants are very expensive, and the ready-to-eat foods available in a foreign country might not satisfy you. Hence, the feasible option is to cook meals at home. Subscribe to all the food channels. It might come in handy.

Using the Indian Toilet 

We know. We know. It is impossible to live without your Indian toilet. However, in the West, they only use the ‘western toilet’. You might also have to use the tissue paper and not the ‘bucket water’ to clean yourself. 

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Driving on the Left Side of the Road 

In countries like US and Canada people drive on the right side of the road. Drive on the left side and you are sure to break the traffic rule! Good luck in explaining why you were driving on the opposite side and risking an accident.

Not Being Social

If you think you can travel to another country and be anti-social, you are kidding yourself. As an international student, you will have to interact with your classmates, professors of the university, and even with other international students. Being social can help you blend in with the new culture, and find new friends. 

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Littering Around 

Littering around is common in India. After all, no one is asking you to clean it. In the West, this comes with a price. For example, in Vancouver, you would have to pay a fine between $100 to $10,000 depending on what you have dumped on the road. Do this in Switzerland and pay a fine of CHF 300.

Overtaking a Vehicle

You are not racing on the road. If you think you are, well be ready to pay the fine. Overtaking at a railway/pedestrian/children’s crossing in Australia can cost around $400! This is because, in the West, rules are rules. Break them, and you risk running in with the authorities before receiving a PR.

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Plagrising Assignments 

Have you ever plagiarized your assignment and received full marks? Well, that won’t work abroad. You cannot copy your assignments or use AI tools for the same. Be sure to read how the referencing works. Knowing about MLA/APA citations can be incredibly useful while citing the content of your assignment. 

Buying Medicines without Prescription

In India, the pharmacist knows all. He might not have an MBBS but will accurately assess your situation and will provide you with the medicines. However, you do not have this privilege abroad. You will have to pay the fees for a doctor’s consultation and will have to provide the prescription to receive the medicine. Which by the way, will not be covered by the government!

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