What If Harry Potter Studied Witchcraft in India?

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What if Harry potter studied witchcraft in India
What if Harry potter studied witchcraft in India

Harry Potter never got a choice to select a school for himself in the world of magic. When he turned 11 he was surprised by the fact that he is in fact a wizard! He grew up with Ron and Hermoine as his closest family with his world revolving around Hogwarts. But what if, things would have taken a turn and Harry Potter was destined to study witchcraft in India?

India is a country widely known for different kinds of magic, be it sorcery, tricks or black magic so it is not a big surprise if Potterworld was set up in India. There would be a few changes though, let’s explore what those could be.

The Wizarding School Life

First of all, we can finally proudly say, ‘Aabra ka Daabra’ in the world of Harry Potter. Though it is really awkward to imagine such a cute spell as a death curse but ‘Avada Kedavra’ is just too fancy for the Indian context. Also spell translations that we always loved like ‘Pitradev Sanrakshanam’, ‘Nirastra Bhava’ and many more will actually be used around the Indian wizarding world.

As for the professors, we have got the best faculty available. Professor McGonagall will be replaced by Sushma Nani from Shararat and instead of Professor Snape, we can have our own ‘Bad Man’ from the muggle world, Gulshan Grover. His consistency in being a villain is unmatched but a lot of films show a great character arc in his role as a villain which also matches that of Professor Snape.

Harry Potter and His Mortal Enemy 

So, no Voldemort and dementor stuff around here.  In India, there is only one enemy that we fear, and that is ‘Tamraj Kilvish’ the king of darkness. 

Our hero lives by the thought that Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the lightbut Kilvish is just stuck at ‘Andhera Qayam Rahe’ (Darkness Prevails). 

The Final Battle

The conflict grows and our popular hero meets his sworn enemy and the final battle begins. But wait… oops, Harry Potter will have a hard time figuring out the last Horcrux, as he might find a lot of ‘Naginis’ here in India, battling his way through a lot of Ichhadhaari Nagins. Tough Luck!

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The first few Horcruxes might be a little easier to find though. Why? In India we are fond of trapping souls in a Parrot’s neck who cannot stop blabbering, so all the best Kilvish. Harry can grab a few lemons, a pinch of vermillion and a lot of ashes to be used as floo powder to find the evil Horcruxes. The process is simple. Stop where the lemon turns red!

The battle is fierce and only one can survive. And this is where Harry decides to get some help!

To call his friends Son Pari and Altu, Harry Potter apparates, Ittu Pittu Jhim Patuta. Now the big question here is will Son Pari and Altu be able to help Harry win the battle? Together will they be able to defeat Kilvish, the Indian dark lord? 

We will leave that up to your imagination. Go on and complete the story in the comments! For more such blogs, do follow our social media handles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin for more such content. 

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