Is There a Dancing School That Can Make Pappu Dance?

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pappu cant dance
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Based on the famous Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na song, Pappu Can’t Dance Saala, Pappu sounds like one of the most eligible bachelors. However, the great dilemma in his life is that he still can’t dance. But what if Dance is the sole love of Pappu’s life? What if he is passionate about the one thing that he cannot do, that is dance? So now, the muscular and popular Pappu is bored of his ‘chaandi ki chamchi’ (Silver Spoon) and wants to make a career out of his unacquired dancing skills. Can you help his parents look for a perfect dancing school that can help Pappu become the talk of the town again? Let’s try.

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Dancing School for Beginners

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One thing is very clear, that Pappu is filthy rich so he can definitely afford dancing courses at the likes of Stanford and Kingston. Additionally, he has a very strong motivation after being bullied by his classmates for his inability to dance. But don’t worry, he would be loved for his passion at schools such as Paris Opera Ballet School – France. The best dancing school for the last 3 centuries that also teaches students along with adults. Therefore, amateurs like Pappu would be welcome here. 

Don’t worry Pappu, we have got you. 

A School of Standards

pappu cant dance
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Remember that Pappu is an MBA graduate and has generational wealth too. Anything he wants is at his feet except for talent, that he needs to acquire. But not just at any school, the dancing school must have a great reputation and class. Surely Paris Opera Ballet School is a good match, but here’s a catch, Pappu is bored of being in France now that he frequently travels to the country. The Eiffel Tower is more like a weekly trip for him. Nonetheless, the Vaganova School at St Petersburg, Russia or The Royal Ballet School in London, England will indubitably make up to his standards. 

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A School For Royalty

pappu cant dance
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Pappu is well, not an affordable person but he is down to earth. That is the reason why he is so popular. His spectacular looks and blue eyes do augment his charm though. As the girls swoon for him, Pappu plays his own charm to win their hearts. He already looks like a foreigner so settling in won’t be a problem for him. On top of that, wearing brands like Gucci and Rado gives him an upper edge. With so much talent and charm in him, Pappu will settle for a school no less than royalty. Thankfully, the three schools mentioned above are up to the mark for that. 

Opportunities to Socialise and Build Networks

pappu cant dance
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Creative arts are all about meeting the right people and building strong networks to build your career. While Pappu may not think of dance as a career for long, his interest in his newly acquired passion is ethereal. As our beloved Pappu is good at socialising he needs a school which can match his calibre. 

He can easily smite his professors and fellow students by playing guitar or simply by being himself, because ‘Pappu Jahaan Jaata hai Chaa Jaata Hai’. So, given his extraordinary skills, Pappu will work his wonders provided the right opportunities. Institutes such as Juilliard School of Dance in New York, and Sunhwa Arts High School in Seoul, South Korea are the best match for these along with those mentioned above. 

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Any Tips For Pappu?

pappu cant dance
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A passion as strong as his is truly inspirational but here are a few tips for Pappu to make him utilise his time abroad to the fullest. 

  • Learn from Naina, no matter how hard you try there is always something you will miss out on. So we do understand your passion for Dance but know that you are also good and loved without it. 
  • If your friends tell you you cannot dance, that is probably because you have not tried to lose yourself to it yet. Not because they are counting on some Michael Jackson moves. 
  • Don’t learn Dance to prove your worth. Learn it with all your heart. As for your worth, that already goes in dollars what else do you need?
  • You are smart, handsome and charming. Surely your blue eyes are going to attract a lot of attention but remember to stay focused on your goals. 
  • Find people who embrace you for who you are and not those who always keep showing you what you do not have. That too when you have quite more than all of them together. 
  • You already know how to play guitar, maybe you also learn how to make people dance to your tunes. 

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With this, we send our best wishes to Pappu and pray that he succeeds in his ventures and may you also succeed in yours. If you need more of such mind-boggling content, drop by our Infotainment page

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