Study Abroad Journey: Finding Your Motivation in Music

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Study Abroad Journey Finding Your Motivation in Music

Moving to a new country can be exciting yet intimidating. While the prospect of moving to a new country, gaining new experiences and starting a new life can be exciting, the harsh reality is that sometimes students feel homesick and lonely while trying to adapt to their new surroundings.

During this time, students may often feel demotivated and find themselves procrastinating on their daily tasks. This bout of demotivation and laziness can often be overcome with music as it helps you divert your attention and the beats will cause an adrenaline rush in your system. Here are 7 of our favourite Bollywood motivational tracks:

Kar Har Maidaan Fateh – Sanju

An ideal motivational song needs to be a combination of great lyrics, thumping music and some beautiful visuals. This song has all of the above-mentioned things in abundance. Filmed on Ranbir Kapoor, the song itself depicts the journey of overcoming the obstacles life throws at you. This song is guaranteed to make you feel more productive!

Sultan Title Track – Sultan

Anything related to gym, motivation and inspiration will always be incomplete without mentioning the Bhaijaan. Salman Khan! Sultan is often looked at as one of Salman Khan’s best acting performances and is ably supported by an amazing soundtrack, especially the title track which plays at the perfect time in the movie. So go ahead and scream “Khoon mein tere mitti, mitti mein tera khoon” while destroying your goals.

Brothers Anthem – Brothers

Another sports-centric movie, another banger of a title track. Brothers is the official remake of the Hollywood-hit Warrior and revolves around two brothers who fight out their differences in a UFC-style cage. The title track once again invokes the fighter spirit within you and pushes you to go harder till your last breath.

Dhan Te Nan – Kaminey

This might be considered a slightly unconventional choice considering most of the songs in this list are based on high-intensity training and workout regimes while this song is often considered a nightclub song. But do not underestimate the impact of this song. The intoxicating voices of Sukhwinder Singh and Vishal Dadlani mixed with some great beats are bound to wake you up and give you that extra energy.

Sadda Haq – Rockstar

Feeling a little rebellious and ready to lash out? This might be the perfect song for you. The lyrics and the music come together beautifully to create young rebel vibes that is bound to leave you energized and wanting more. Further, the lyrics are not just for dramatic effect and make complete sense with the mood and energy of the movie.

Aarambh – Gulaal

This one is more for the purists who want a motivational song deep-rooted with Indian music and beats. This song is beautifully shot and the lyrics and music catch the mood of going to war almost perfectly. Further, the voice of Piyush Mishra just helps make this an all-time classic. Gather your boys and get ready to go to war, gentlemen. 

Paintra – Mukkabaaz

An Anurag Kashyap movie with Divine providing the vocals, Nucleya providing the beats and Ravi Kishen reciting dialogues in purest Hindi with proper dialect? Sign me up and take all my money already!

The song, much like the movie, is based on the rise of the underdog to the top and the song is bound to make you motivated to do better. Keep a Hindi dictionary ready for the little nuggets of wisdom by Ravi Kishan at the beginning of the heavy bass and beats.


How does music motivate you to study?

Music can motivate an individual to study as it releases dopamine. Dopamine is a feel-good hormone that stimulates the section of the brain that controls motivation. Therefore, music can help a person work harder and faster.

What motivates students to study abroad?

The international experience and the intercultural skills developed by an individual by studying abroad are highly valued by employers. Students want to study abroad because they can study at some of the best educational institutions, and encounter new experiences, and perspectives.

Does listening to music motivate you to study?

Music can improve the mood, and help a person to relax. Additionally, it can also help a student to study. However, different types of music have different effects. Some people have also found that music helps them to concentrate while studying/working

And that’s our list. For more, do check out our motivational playlist on Spotify. You can find more such songs and playlists on Leverage Edu‘s Spotify Channel. So go ahead and follow us to have a playlist for your every mood.

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