A Letter To My Future Self From Abroad

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A Letter To My Future Self From Abroad

Once you start living in a different country, you face a lot of new things, you come across many people, traditions, and cultures and curate a lot of new experiences. Be it a bad experience or a good experience, there are learnings taking place in all experiences. What do you want to do with all the lessons that you are learning? How to use all these experiences in a way that they stay in your mind and you do not miss on any part of the learnings?  

How about writing a letter to your future self as a guide to life? 

Compiling all these memories, experiences and lessons, let’s see what a letter to your future self would look like. This letter is completely fictional for now, but I am sure you will be able to find some similarities to it if you ever end up writing a letter to yourself.

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A Letter To Self

A Letter To My Future Self From Abroad

Dear Myself,

This would be the first time I am writing a letter to myself probably. That is because maybe before this I never found something so important that needs to be remembered or is so important to me. First of all, congrats to you to be at whichever phase of life you are at. I am sure you made it to the dream life that you were working hard to create and I am sure I will not be disappointed when Ill be there. It definitely is difficult to leave behind past memories, friends, college and school life, but moving forward is a part of life. I am still abroad completing my graduation, and who knows better than you that I am already missing this life, I mean I am already sad about the fact that this is going to end in a year or two, I will lose all these friends, I will end up in another place which I am currently not aware of, you certainly know where would we end up, but despite everything still being around me, I am feeling the future void, so I can definitely feel, what you would be feeling. 

The main purpose of my writing this letter to you is to make sure you remember a few things in life that I consider important to live a happy life. I know you would be perfect in this matter of intellect now, but what harm can it be to give a refresher? 

Learn the correct timing of attachment and detachment 

Attachment is an inevitable part of life. We get attached to humans, places, things, memories, songs, fragrances, and whatnot. Humans are meant to get attached but the worst part about attachment is the unawareness of detachment. We definitely have learnt to get attached but no one teaches us to detach ourselves. We don’t know when, how and why to get detached. I can definitely answer you why! We have to get detached so that we can move forward in life without things that are holding us back. Detachment is the only art that can help you grow. And this art has to be learnt ourselves. At this point, I definitely am struggling with detachment, but I am sure you have mastered it, and if not, you would still be way forward on this path and doing better. I am not telling you to not get attached, all I am saying is to know the right time to detach.

Stop moulding yourself according to the plans

Planning is a very important part of life but so is knowing when changing plans are important. You should plan and work according to the plans, but what if you wish to do something that is not in your plan? Will you just let your wish go away? Despite knowing that this is the only life you have and you may not get chances for the same things again and again. I suggest plan but doing whatever you want to do even if it is not planned. Sometimes instinctive and impulsive things give us memories that we cherish for life.

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Try to know as many people as you can

Why do you think I am suggesting you to know and meet new people? It is because, sometimes, meeting people helps you discover yourself. That is why our parents tell us to choose our company wisely, which is correct. Meet people, explore people, know them and then choose the best company for you. All the people that you will meet will give you some new thing and that thing will only enhance your character.

Live in the moment

There is nothing certain in this life. Not even life. We are all out well aware of how mortal humans are. There is no surety of tomorrow. Then what is it that makes you stress so much about tomorrow? What I have learnt till now is that the best way to live life is to live every day as if it is the last day. And learn every day as if it is your first day. Only think about how can you make your present best instead of worrying about the future. The future will already be best if all your presents are corrected and enjoyed to the fullest.

Believe in yourself

Do you think the climbers would have been able to climb the mountains if they did not believe in themselves and listened to all the people who said to them that they were dreaming too much? Do you think an inventor would have made any huge inventions that we are using now if the scientists and the discoverers did not believe in their inventions? The only way to reach success is to believe in yourself. Some people will motivate you, some will discourage you and some will influence you, meet and listen to whatever people you want but remember to never lose belief in yourself. 

A Letter To My Future Self From Abroad

I am excited to reach there and become you soon and I am very excited to be able to find this letter someday and remember these days that I am writing this letter in. I hope this will help you and also me in future to remind ourselves of these 5 things if we have by chance forgotten any of them and start to follow all these again and reach heights happily. Till then I wish you a bright and exciting future. Hope you are living the best of your life. I hope I did not let you down.

Warm Regards,

Your Younger Self.

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