Most Relatable Chandler Bing Quotes for International Students

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Chandler Bing Quotes

Since Chandler Bing is always going to be a part of our lives, your study abroad experiences should not go without a sprinkle of his comic and sarcastic one-liners. Therefore, we found some of Chandler Bing quotes that are most relatable to every student who is, was, or will be studying abroad. If you think there is more than we could gather, feel free to drop an opinion in the comments section. 

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The First Week of Homesickness

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Especially if you are coming from a big Indian family, the first week might feel a little hard on you. No, not at all because there will be difficulties, it will be rather difficult for you to find your own shoes, pack yourself your lunch and most importantly, wake up on time. If you too are that one spoiled little troublemaker of the house, studying abroad will transform your life in an amazing way. Surprisingly, at most after a week, students start to enjoy this lifestyle and along with this a true sense of independence and self-confidence. 

When Self-Obsession Strikes Hard

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And with that starts a phase where all you can see and praise is how well you are doing all by yourself. To be frank it is partially a matter of pride and then why not flaunt it the ‘Chandler Bing way’? Some self-appreciation is no harm especially when you are having a hard day. You will also have days when you will have great fun and laughter but till then, just remember how cute your smile is… or ‘his’. 

In That Workloaded Sophomore Year

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It is a weird myth about studying abroad that the ‘study’ part is to be shelved once you get admission and everything will be about partying and exploring. We are not suggesting you, not party or explore, but please have realistic expectations. Studying abroad will transform your career and for that, you will have to study dedicatedly. So, usually by the time you get into the sophomore year, your humour is as wise as some famous Chandler Bing quotes. 

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Tired After a Long Day of Studies and Part Time

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Self reflection is very good, but our loved star Chandler Bing has realised it, sometimes it’s not the time to open that door. Having a rough day with too many assignments and also your part-time job? Watch an F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episode instead. As our great sage Chandler Bing the Great says, ‘Don’t Open That Door’. Well, unless you are ready. 

Before That Early Morning Lecture

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Even after 14 years of schooling, we are that generation who could never learn to wake up early. It’s almost like a spell cast on us to be functional later in the day till even later at night. Unfortunately, universities weren’t kept in the loop for this update. So we do have lectures at 9:00 am or even earlier. As a result, you reach your class half asleep struggling to be social and attentive. In this situation we do end up saying dumb things more than often and that naturally sets the mood for the entire day for more dumb conversations. (We are talking of his kind of dumb… not the normal dumb)

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After Putting Your Heart and Soul in That Thesis and That Girl 

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There is this phase in college life for most people when they think is it more important to find your career path or the someone to walk you through that path? That is when these confused statements form in our minds. And thanks to Chandler Bing, we can laugh it out with some sarcasm. 

This was all about our most relatable Chandler Bing Quotes for international students. Do share your ideas in the comments section. Moreover, if you are also starting your college life soon or are already in there, you can drop by our Infotainment page to find some awesome relatable content. 

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