Most Searched Memes of 2023: Ft Study Abroad

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most searched memes of 2023

Google Trends has released a list of the most searched memes for 2023. The year literally blasted the internet with meme trends that will be remembered for a lifetime. 2023 the year in search is Google’s way of revisiting our closest moments, important highlights and events that made 2023 so special. Memes are undoubtedly a very important part of it as we have learned to transform emotions into memes. Here are the 10 most searched memes of 2023 according to Google trends and we have transformed them into a study-abroad context to add a fresh taste to it. 

What if Your University Professor Speaks Like Rashmika Mandanna Did in Animal Movie Trailer?

Bhupender Jogi

Well, I am Studying abroad at a UK university 

Naam Bataiye – Bhupender Jogi

Credit: Aaj Tak

Bhupender Jogi has been the talk of the town in the past year so we thought why leave him behind when we cover our meme collection to remember 2023? So, Bhupender Jogi is that zoned-out student who doesn’t bother to pay heed to the context of a question and is most likely to embarrass himself or herself. 

So Beautiful So Elegant Just Looking Like a Wow

Your Best friend describing your study abroad adventures to other classmates

Credit: The Quint

Yes, you are overwhelmed by your study abroad experience (in a positive way) but there is someone more excited than you are. Yes, your guess is correct that is your best friend. Your friends spare no chance to gloat about your life abroad, your academic excellence, the projects you are pursuing, and how you are juggling your time between part-time and studies abroad, they are there to tell the tales. 

Just hope by the time you return to India you have some stories to tell too. Otherwise just expect everyone to know everything about your ‘looking like a wow’ adventure. 

Most Relatable Chandler Bing Quotes for International Students

Moye Moye

‘That friend who planned to come to study abroad with you but backed out at the last moment’

Credit: Know your meme

Remember Bunny and Avi from Ye Jawani Hai Deewani? Those inseparable friends who planned everything together. They also had a plan for an apartment after returning, but Bunny was handed a better opportunity and he took it. Well this was Avi’s Moye Moye moment. 

But, students make such plans occasionally, taking common subjects, filling out admission forms for the same universities and so much more. If you have planned to study abroad with your friend this year, then hold on to it and explore a new world together. Why? Because if one of you goes and the other stays, then for 3 years they will be living their moye moye days. 

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Calling every other person ‘Bhaiyya’ while living abroad

Credit: News9live

Delhiites, this one is especially for you. We have an aptitude for making an extended family wherever we go because every other guy is ‘Bhaiyya’ and every other girl is ‘Didi’. We can even extend it upto aunties and uncles but let’s stick to ‘Bhaiyya Didi’ for now. 

Habits take a while to go and there is a major chance that as a Delhiite when you finally go studying abroad you call the cab driver or the person sitting next to you ‘Bhaiyya’. Well, they won’t say anything, but the priceless expression on their face will be shouting, ‘Aayein?’

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Aukat Dikha di Meme

London se mere wapis aane pe padosiyon ne fake accent me baat karke aukaat dikha di

(My neighbours revealed their true colours while conversing in a fake accent after I returned from London)

Credit: MemeHeist

You might acquire an accent after spending 3 years in a foreign country. However, people around you back in your home country like to think that they have acquired the same too. Well, it doesn’t make sense, neither their conversation nor the reason for conversing in such a way. 

But we Indians are quite adaptable. We like to put ourselves in other people’s shoes when we really cannot. The result is a fake accent. But isn’t that a part of the great fun you have in India? After returning you do not just have an accent but also a new perspective. So if someone comes around imitating you unintentionally, just start talking in Hindi and you both will be just fine. 

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That was the end of our list but yours can be more. Continue the list and references in the comments section and let us know your 2023 while studying abroad or maybe while preparing for it. If you need more of such mind-boggling content, drop by our Infotainment page

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