What If Monica from FRIENDS Went to Amity University

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What If Monica from FRIENDS Went to Amity University

The sitcom FRIENDS has often been hailed as the most iconic sitcom of all time and has earned a cult following over the years. The show revolves around a group of friends trying to navigate life together. 

One of the pivotal characters in the show is Monica Geller. But what if, in a parallel universe, Monical from FRIENDS went to Amity University? 

I wonder if she would be worried about the cleanliness on the university campus, competitiveness among her mates and display obsessive behaviour regarding academics. Obviously, her student life at Amity University will be different from the one we saw in the sitcom. Here we are going to talk about what would happen if Monica from FRIENDS went to Amity University.

Monica Geller in Amity University 

Here are 5 particular situations that would arise if Monica Geller made her way to Noida to attend Amity University. 

Her Profession as a Chef

Indian cuisines will allow Monica Geller to learn about the diversity of Indian dishes and she can definitely enhance her cooking skills during this time. At Amity, Monica will have the opportunity to explore North Indian cuisine, which is characterized by its rich, creamy gravies, and tandoori meats. Popular dishes include butter chicken, dal makhani, and naan bread.

Maybe in the next FRIENDS reunion, we shall see the whole gang enjoy Indian delicacies. 

The Perfectionist

Monica was a perfectionist with an obsessive desire to achieve perfection in everything she does. She was like one of those who have a tendency to be critical of themselves and others and sometimes struggle with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.

At Amity, she would strive to do even better and become the best at everything she does. At Amity, Monica would host dinner parties for her friends, just like she did in the sitcom. However, during such parties also she would make sure that the environment around her and her friends is neat and clean, and she would teach her friends her memorable catchphrase, ‘I KNOW’.

Her Competitive Attitude

Throughout the series, we’ve it many times how competitive Monica was. Monica’s competitive attitude can get highlighted on various occasions. If there’s a brawl outside Amity’s campus, she would be the first one to hold a bat in her hand and fight for her friends, she would lead debate competitions for Amity and make sure she wins.

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For Monica, competitiveness was not just a trait, she would go hard for what matters the most; winning, which was highlighted numerous times in the series. As an Amitians, Monica would make sure she come out with flying colours, winning competitions in theatre, debates, sports and many other festivals and events.

Loyalty Towards Friends

Monica has always been there for her friends. When her long-lost high school friend, Rachel Green, arrives at Central Perk in New York City, she willingly offers Rachel to stay at her apartment. There were dozens of other occasions when Monica showed loyalty towards.

Friends are everything to Monica, whether she’s sitting in an American coffee house, or at Amity. It won’t take long for Monica to make friends at Amity, for she is beautiful, smart and knows how to interact with people. 

Her Adapting Abilities

Whether Monica is going against boys or girls, gender has never been in her way, when she’s challenging people. We’ve seen how she was able to overpower her elder brother Ross Geller. She even defeated Joey and Chandler numerous times in Foosball. 

It would be very challenging for an American girl to adjust to the North Indian environment. But Monica is not one of those who are easily scared, and it won’t be long enough for Monica to adjust. Living far away from her beautiful apartment in an Indian city will surely affect her, but she won’t allow her feelings to get in the way of her new life at Amity.

That concludes this edition of What If. We hope you enjoyed reading this scenario we created. 

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