Most Entertaining Movies That Start From Q

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Movies That Start From Q

What is the purpose of the movies anyway? It is entertainment! And if that itself is not meant then how would it be worth at all? So, do you think there would be any movies in Hollywood and Bollywood that would be entertaining and would be starting from the alphabet Q? Does Q not sound like a very unique and unused kind of letter? But no worries! The film industry has not let us down. They have been creative enough to give us some most entertaining movies that start from Q. Note them down through this blog and enjoy the best of Hollywood and Bollywood movies.  

List Of Most Entertaining Movies That Start From Q

No amount of movies can be enough for an enthusiast. But, sure there can be some additions and recommendations. Below are a handful of recommendations of movies that start from Q, for you to add them to your watch list and enjoy. 

Qarib Qarib Singlle 

Movies That Start From Q
Credit: Youtube

Who would not like a classic romance movie? How about a bonus? Does a romantic comedy not sound better? A romantic movie that comes with some comedy is indeed a most loved genre, but the worth is when the storyline is truly entertaining. Here is a good movie for you that has the right amount of story, and entertainment.  

Qarib Qarib Singlle is a romantic comedy film. The movie talks about the story of Yogi and Jaya who meet on a dating app. Jaya is a very practical woman and Yogi is a free spirit. Despite so much of differences the two of them decide to take a journey of revisiting their past in Rishikesh. The trip they take becomes an adventure and very memorable as they start discovering themselves and each other. They accept the differences and yet connect to each other in an unexpected way. The story is a very light-hearted rom-com with the theme of self-discovery and love. 

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Queen (2013)

Movies That Start From Q
Credit: Book my show 

There is always a person in the group of friends who calls off the plan at the end moment and disappoints everyone. Do you remember that feeling of the trip getting cancelled at the end moment? Or is a movie getting cancelled? Are you devastated? Now imagine the frustration of a person whose wedding gets cancelled! 

Queen is a very interesting comedy-drama film. The movie revolves around the story of a girl Rani. Rani was living the sweetest life with her wedding ceremonies and celebrations when in the end moment her Fiance cancelled the wedding. This leaves her shattered and heartbroken. After gathering a lot of courage, Rani decides to take the trip to Paris which was supposed to be their honeymoon. Amidst the journey, she discovers new courage, will, self-love and zest for life. The theme of the movie is self-love, exploration and acceptance. The movie is really entertaining to watch. 

Quick Change 

Movies That Start From Q

It is always pleasing to watch a classic comedy hit with a twisted story and suspense. The movie “Quick Change” is a crime comedy film that is based on the plot of a Heist. Three friends in the movie plan to execute a robbery in a bank. They are almost successful as they escape the bank with one million USD but the real twist begins when they have to run away from the city. They are messed up throughout their journey to the airport. The journey just from the bank to the airport is the most twisting, turning, long and funny. They experience many comedic events and mishaps that they need to deal with. 

Queen Of Damned

Movies That Start From Q
Credit: The nu-metal agenda

We have watched a lot of comedy and lighthearted movies, let’s move on to something more interesting! Or scarier! Yes, you guessed it right, we are moving to the movies of your favourite genre Horror. Here is a horror film “Queen Of Damned”  which carries of glimpse of fantasy into it.

The movie revolves around the story of Lestat the vampire who was in a long sleep now wakes and becomes a rockstar. The songs that he sings are based on immortality which awakens another Queen of all vampires Akasha. She driven by hunger wants to make the world her own image. But she finds herself detorted between her desire and the threat her actions will pose to Lestat. The movie will not let you leave your seat till the end of the story. Adding it to your watchlist will not let you down. 

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Quick and the Undead

Movies That Start From Q
Credit: Behance 

What is the use of a horror movie if it does not make you scream in terror? Get ready to shout on fear and switch the light on in the middle of the movie as we have a classic horror movie but with a twist of Zombies. Quick and the Undead is a classic combination of two genres, it is a Zombie horror movie.

The movie revolves around a town which was once outbroken by a zombie attack. The town is now known to be infested with ghosts. The story talks about how the bounty hunters hunted the zombies down. And how they survive the attack. The movie is very interesting and will leave you shocked at a lot of moments. You will be forced to watch the movie to the end in one watch. 

Quiet Place

Movies That Start From Q
Credit: Prime Video

Another horror movie that will get you scared and yet hooked to your seat. This movie can give you a very different perspective. The movie is a horror post-apocalyptic story that gives a new definition to the genre of monster movies. 

The movie is based on the story of the Abbott family who struggle to survive when the blind creatures take over the earth having super sensitive hearing and force the humans into hiding. The movie shows how the family and other people communicate in sign language and discover other ways to keep themselves alive at the same time dealing with other issues and parenthood. The movie is praised for its strong setting and performances. You will definitely love the movie if you are like the genre of horror and supernatural. 

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Hope this blog could provide you with some very entertaining movies that start from Q. To read more of such interesting blogs on informative and entertaining topics, follow Infotainment Archives and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below regarding any doubts or suggestions.

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