How Women Today Are Being Manikarnika In Day-to-Day Life

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How Women Today Are Being Manikarnika In Day-to-Day Life

A battle is a battle in whichever form it is, and when you have to fight one every day you are no random person, you are a warrior! Women are the warriors!

As Women’s Day is around the corner it is time to feel proud of all the women around us. It is a fact that it was Manikarnika then, and it is all women in today’s society, working equally to grow the community of women and the sky is the limit. Manikarnika worked on a subjective change, fighting the warriors and the tag of weakness from the gender, whereas women today are working on the objective change, fighting the invisible demons in day-to-day life to establish the fact that equality is the only way to gender peace. 

We don’t need a women’s day to celebrate the women in our lives because there is no day we can imagine without them. Being a woman even today is very tough because the world is still not completely moulded in the perfect shape, the process is on. Through this blog let us see how the women who give us that effortless smile throughout the day put efforts to be the way they are, tough yet flawless.  

Similarities In Mankiarnika And Women Today  

How Women Today Are Being Manikarnika In Day-to-Day Life
Credit: The Economic Times

We see a lot of guys around us who are tough and have a strong character and other guys who are very gentle, sweet, and comforting. Being tough is one thing whereas being gentle is another, but I guess women be it then or now, definitely forgot to realize that there is a difference between both those things because I am sure I have seen my mother and sister being the gentlest and strongest human I have come across and I am sure that you have too. 

Being a woman you don’t just have to be the woman, you have to be the multi-tasker, you have to be the role model, you have to be the teacher, you have to be the caregiver, you have to be the one people can rely on, you have to be the one people can also be obliged for, you have to be the woman of the house who people don’t forget when they are outside the house. And sure women today are everything, they know to touch the sky while being on the land, and that is the reason we have a day completely devoted to them, the women’s day.

Let’s see the similarities between the 19th-century Rani Lakshmibai and 21st Century Women:

They know how to take leadership

How Women Today Are Being Manikarnika In Day-to-Day Life
Credit: Hindustan Times

Manikarnika took the responsibility to fight against the wrong to protect her kingdom from being snatched by evil despite being bound by her responsibilities of being a mother. She considered her kingdom to be her child too and no doubt she did come out as a very responsible mother, ruler, and leader. To her, leadership was not given, she took it herself.

Similarly, women today know to take responsibility, have worked for their rights, and know that justice won’t be served on a plate. We see all the sectors in society with women leaders these days, from being a president, going to the moon, leading companies, or leading a household. This leadership has not been served to them, it is been taken with a lot of effort and fighting internal battles that will never be highlighted because the bloodshed is invisible, the battles and the efforts don’t stop to date, that is how you and I get the best leaders.

They Are Prodigies Of Strength And Fearlessness

How Women Today Are Being Manikarnika In Day-to-Day Life
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The Britishers had advanced weapons, strong warriors, and a huge number of fighters. All the negative possibilities were clearly in front of the queen, she was well aware of the stake and yet she did not even blink for a second and stood still on her decision to fight. Even today if we have to give a kid an example of fearlessness, the first name on our tongue is Rani Lakshmibai.

Similarly, the women are strong enough to fight any battle that is thrown at them. The women’s presence in the Army now is a clear example of strength and fearlessness. And if looking at a lower level, the women are ready to do anything for their families, a lot of women are seen working at the construction sites, carrying the heavies of heavy brick bundles on their heads, getting hurt in the process,  yet not stopping, and still getting lower wages! do we need more examples of how strong the women are? And I am sure you don’t need me to tell you about the strength of the women in your life, you know it better!

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Positivity Is The Only Energy

How Women Today Are Being Manikarnika In Day-to-Day Life
Credit: Rediff.com

Do not give up and do not look down until it’s a win. This is what the motto was of the Lakshmibai. There was no opposite of the words bravery and positivity in her dictionary. There was no incident in the entire duration of the war, pre-war or post-war where she accepted her defeat, or believed that she was not doing right. There is no evidence of the incident showing her being negative for even a second. This attitude of her led her to victory.

The same attitude governs all women now. They know the end is the win because they believe in stories with happy endings only, even if it’s not, they are sure they will make it happy. Have you seen a working woman going to the office going to the office being on her period with the same energy? Have you seen a girl selling flowers on the road for some pennies with a beautiful smile? Have you seen your mother still trying to help you out at work even when she is very sick? Have you seen a rape or domestic violence victim fight for justice with the hope of getting it? Have you seen a wrongly paid woman fight for her right to equal pay? 

Of course, you have seen all these people at some or the other time in your life. All have problems and yet no negativity. That is why we say, positivity is the only energy women have.

Yes, women have been wronged for a long time now, but in the end, they are the ones making it right, because they make everything right!

Justified Name “Lakshmi”

How Women Today Are Being Manikarnika In Day-to-Day Life
Credit: Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi

Yes, you are right, the meaning of the name Lakshmi is wealth. The other meaning is victory. And I don’t think anything that a woman has decided to fight for has been left with them gaining victory over it. Manikarnika won by showing everybody that she is no less than a son, she is no less of a fighter, she is no less of a ruler and she is no less of a woman!

Whatever she decided to do, she earned victory in it. And same goes for the women now.

Women decided to work and here they are working almost with equal rights to men, they decided to study and the women’s literacy rates increased and are still increasing daily, they decided to vote, and we can not have a leader without the votes of women now, they decided to have equal rights and there are reservations for women for rights to not be snatched again, and they decide to raise the voice, all other voices go numb. Women are everywhere and it’s all the fruit of their efforts and victory. 

Women are the real warriors fighting real-life battles in day-to-day life and winning. 

If we were giving crowns to women for each victory there would be a 10 feet long tower on their heads of crowns, which is very impractical so instead of the crowns let’s just appreciate all the women we have in our lives and give them the respect and acknowledgment they deserve.

And most importantly on this women’s day do learn the skills of value, victory, positivity, bravery, responsibility, sacrifice, fierceness, truthfulness, leadership, etc from Rani Lakshmibai and all the women around us and make the world a very beautiful place for everybody.

I hope this blog finds you on Women’s Day and gives you a worthwhile read. To read more such interesting blogs, follow Infotainment Archives. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu.

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