5 Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day While You Study Abroad

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Ways To Celebrate Mother's Day While You Study Abroad

Some special days which require celebration can be tough when you study abroad and stay far from your family. One of the most important days of which is the Mother’s Day. 

It can really be very disheartening to not have your mother by your side when it is time to celebrate her and make her feel special. Though mothers are celebrated throughout the year, but it’s a worldwide tradition to make this day even more special for the mothers and give them the recognition they deserve.

Is it even possible to make your mom feel special if you are a study-abroad student and cannot travel back home for the day? Can you do anything from your study location that will make your mom feel special even in your absence? 

There are solutions to all the problems and ways out that will be your saviours in situations like this.

Let’s brainstorm some exciting ideas that can help you celebrate Mother’s Day from a distance and yet make it a special and memorable day in your mom’s life.

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Ideas To Celebrate Long Distance Mother’s Day

The following are some beautiful ideas that you can use this Mother’s Day to do something different:

Do magic with words

Ways To Celebrate Mother's Day While You Study Abroad
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Poems are never out of trend and nor are the amazingly written letters dripping with emotions and feelings. Write your feelings down on a piece of paper or a beautiful message on WhatsApp to your Mom describing your feelings about her, tell her how important she is, show her your love, write down everything you want to tell her and how much you miss her. It would get much better and more impressive if you wrote a poem for her by yourself. Believe it or not, she is going to keep that letter with herself forever, or the message saved lifelong! You are just not writing words, but a beautiful memory and experience for her that she is going to cherish forever.

Shower her with flowers and gifts

Ways To Celebrate Mother's Day While You Study Abroad
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It is pretty easy these days to send gifts from anywhere. You can just order stuff on Blinkit, Swiggy, and Zomato and get stuff in a matter of minutes. To get better gifts you can order from sites like Amazon and get them delivered in a couple of days. All you need to do is find the items that you want to send, place order and pay. The sites like Ferns and Petals, IGP even delivers flowers, and gifting essentials at midnight hours making it even more special. There are options to send gift vouchers or vouchers to salon and spa services.  

You can order roses for your mom, a Mother’s Day cake, or a gift that she likes. There are plenty of options to send and all you will be required to do is spend a couple of minutes online to find the best things and you are all set to make your mom smile the brightest

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Watch movies together

Ways To Celebrate Mother's Day While You Study Abroad
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There are extensions available on Chrome that allow two people at different locations to watch some movies and series online together and at the same time. Yes, you are not able to enjoy watching the movie with your mom but this is a very nice alternative where you and she will be on the same page when watching and can speak as you would while being there with her. This can help you bond and also create some exciting memories that you will reminisce about in the future.  

Make some handmade gifts and send her

Ways To Celebrate Mother's Day While You Study Abroad
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It has always been special to gift your mom the handmade gifts. Do you remember making cute drawings and flowers from the paper as craft and gifting your mom? Do you remember how happy she used to be even then when those tiny crafts didn’t even look so great? Imagine how happy would she be when you make something for her now with so many feelings and better professionalism than in the younger years. You can make her cards, craft items, handmade bouquets, you can make her wool stuff, or anything that you are great at, if you are a cook making chocolates is also an option and send it to her. Know your expertise and your mom’s liking and make her something that she would love.

Use your editing skills

Ways To Celebrate Mother's Day While You Study Abroad
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You can go through your memories together through the photos and videos of you and your mom over the years and select some best ones to make a good video, or short film as a memoir. All those moments in the video will open so many gates of memories and fun in your and her mind that she would love to remember. You can create a video showing your journey with your mom over the years since you were a kid. You can also get the photos framed, sketched, clubbed or use them in any better way you can and make her nostalgic about those times with you and very happy at the same time.

I hope the ways mentioned above were helpful and could be used by you to make Mother’s Day special even when you are not in the same city as her. Make sure you don’t wait for Mother’s Day to make your mom feel special and keep doing things that will make her happy every day because after all she deserves it. Make every day a Mother’s Day and try to make your mom smile every day! 

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This was all about the Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day While You Study Abroad.  To read more such interesting blogs, kindly follow Infotainment and to read about studying abroad follow Leverage Edu.

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