What if Voldemort Cracked UPSC?

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What if Voldemort Cracked UPSC

What if crime ceases to exist? What if every street becomes the bliss of paradise? Or one day, you wake up as a time and space traveller. Well, there is no end to any sort of what-ifs. So let’s take it to another height and imagine what if Voldermort cracked UPSC? As wilder this guess as it is, serving justice in Voldemort’s Avada Kedavra style as a UPSC qualifying aspirant would be a treat. Let’s find out how?

4 Reasons to Believe in Voldemort’s Success as a UPSC Aspirant

Who would have thought in all the wilderness that Voldemort can be imagined in a white-collar job? We did, and you can never be astounded enough to know that being evil himself, it is likely possible that the crime rate will plunge given our favourite villain has new moves to tag culprits. Here are a few reasons to be optimistic about Voldemort’s heroism as a UPSC-qualified IPS or IAS officer. 

Voldemort Can Hold His Killing Intent Until the End of the School Academics Proves His Educational Values

All Potterheads can agree on one thing, Voldemort had a lot of patience. You wonder how? Don’t you remember how he waited for Harry to complete his academic sessions and then planned to kill him? This simply proves that cared a lot about Harry’s education. Now imagine if he aims to crack the UPSC, would it be hard for him, given his dedication to go rampage yet waiting till the end of school? 

Avada Kedavra is the Final Spell to Strike Down Crime Rates Without Waiting for Long Due Judgement

Believe it or not, Voldemort can give you hope to evade the pilling of cases in court with his one-killing spell. Remember when his Avada Kedavra, was the ultimate death spell and the highlight of the Harry Potter series? He is equally capable of using the spell on his targeted criminals. Hence, you can expect a tremendous downfall in crime rates. 

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If Harry Potter Took an Eternity to Identify Voldemort, Then Do You Really Think Criminals Have a Chance Against the UPSC-Qualified Voldemort?

Disguising as a student and then a teacher was the ultimate move of Voldemort in the series. If he can fool wizards like Dumbledore, then he can fool any miser and criminal. His quirky mind is capable of fooling anyone. But if the government can use its power to eradicate crime from the map then it is better for the good. 

Who Can Be Better Than the OG Voldemort in Decoding the Villain’s Next Move?

Two negatives make a positive and in the Hogwarts world where Voldemort was obsessed to be the baddest of all villains, do you think he would let anyone point a finger at his skills? He would love to have all the limelight of being the best bad IAS officer in the town. The bonus is Voldemort can infiltrate not only territories but the minds of vigilantes and villains as well. So if you are planning to go loose under the newly appointed IAS officer of Hogwarts, then think twice before going bizarre. The badass Voldemort knows your next move well. 

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