A Letter to My Mother from Abroad 

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letter to mother

Namaste Maa,

I wanted to start writing by asking how are you, but I know that the first thing that you want to know is how am I. I am fine, Mother. I do get a little emotional when I hear that you have made Aloo Parathas for breakfast at home but don’t worry, I am only eating healthy food here. I have lost count of how many types of salads have I tried here and yeah, there are a lot of Indian food restaurants nearby too. Now you would be wondering why I am spending my savings on eating restaurant food. I know, but set your worries aside, my roommates and I have got this big kitchen to cook whatever we want. It is equipped with things that make me feel as if you yourself had a deal with the accommodation owners to set our kitchen perfectly. We all try our own recipes. But, I always make an excuse and eat outside when my Thai friend is cooking. Yeah, I am still a vegetarian, in fact, you would be surprised to see how many people here are vegan. Come on now, this should lower your worries. 

I think my Thai friend has realised my dislike for Thai food, she doesn’t insist much now. Our taste in food doesn’t match. But our discussions over history and artefacts are a sight to behold. I could not believe we think so much alike. There is a small garden that I told you about, we often sit there in the evenings and sip some tea to discuss our interests. Oh, and there is also a park nearby, we sometimes visit there too. I will take you there when you visit me. 

Remember Mother, when I used to say that I did not belong there? I think this is where I belong. It is calmer here, and there are more opportunities. But it is almost time for the new year and it’s the first time I will be starting my year without you and your warm hugs. However, the environment is so fresh that I want you to apply for a visa and move in with me. So that we all can celebrate every new year, every Holi, every Diwali and all Indian festivals together. Oh, and do you know we even celebrate our Independence Day here? Never mind… where was I?

Yeah, it is also because I miss you too, I miss the way you used to wake me up and make lunch for me. I know the expression that would have turned on your face right now. You were always the emotional one. I have really nice friends and company here but there are some days when I just want to sit with you and discuss the same old stories that you used to tell me as a child. But there is one thing that I have learnt, no matter how happy I am in life, I am always going to miss something. That is what makes us realise how important some people and things are. And since I do not want that something to be you, I am going to call you here soon. Studying Abroad is a great experience, Mother. There is a lot to learn. 

I have been thinking lately about how much I associate with the lyrics of the song ‘Lukka Chhuppi, Bahut hui…’. I relate to it in our context. I know you would be impatient to see me and this distance that has come between us for the first time is tolling on you. I even remember how much you loved to wait for me in the evenings and over dinner. You knew exactly how to pep up my mood with my favourite dessert. But maa, do not worry about me, we are not distant by heart. Over here there is a vast sky full of opportunities for me to dive in. I can spread my wings and fly as far and high as I want. I see the world, that you told me about in your fables, the world exists Mother, it is here. But it is not me who made it possible, it is you. You nurtured my wings and sew courage with each breath of mine to take this step and become who I want to be. It is you and Papa whom I think about at each step of my achievement. 

Whenever I think about this, I also think that I have never thanked you enough. This distance has made me realise how strong our bond is. Mother, know that this letter is the translation of my feelings towards you. Tears of joy and love for you have flown into a river of words and cast this letter that I am sending you from my new home abroad. 

Happy New Year, 


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