What if Chhota Bheem got a Scholarship at the University of Massachusetts?

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What if Chhota Bheem got a Scholarship

If you had a great childhood then Choota Bheem would have been a part of it and if not you have missed a big fun part of your childhood.

Isn’t it crazy how just the name of Choota Bheem takes us back to the memory lanes of the days when we used to run back home from school and watch the Chhota Bheem eat Laddoos while we sit with our thalis and mom feeding us lunch with her love-filled hands?

Honestly, we did not consider ourselves any less than him, be it you or me, we had wished to grow up and fight for our city like he used to for Dholakpur, we had wished to save people from thieves, we had wished for having friends like Raju, Chutki, and Jaggu and at some point we had also believed we would also marry a prince or princess like Rajkumari Indumati.

Now that we have started to go to colleges abroad growing up, I am wondering how would it be if Chhota Bheem Got a Scholarship at the University of Massachusetts.

What if Chhota Bheem got a Scholarship

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If Chhota Bheem got a Scholarship at the University of Massachusetts How Would He React?

Chhota Bheem would have been very happy receiving the scholarship and he would have celebrated like he used to,  possibly in the following ways:

The Most Famous Laddoo of Tun Tun Mausi

What if Chhota Bheem got a Scholarship

As soon as he heard about the scholarship he would first go to the Tun Tun Mausi and ask her to make laddoos for everybody in the entire Dholakpur. He would go home to home and person to person telling everybody about the scholarship and taking each one’s blessings to move abroad. Everybody would be very happy except Kalia and Dholu Bholu.

 Meeting Raja Indraverma 

What if Chhota Bheem got a Scholarship
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Once he has celebrated with the village he would go to Raja Indraverma with a plate full of sweets and tell his majesty about his achievement and plans. His Majesty would be very happy listening to this and would immediately call his daughter Indumati to tell her about the great news who would Congratulate Bheem making him even more happier.

Celebrating With Friends

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Bheem would not call all his friends to a lakeside where they would sit and enjoy some snacks while discussing the future, about how would Bheem go there, what would he study, etc. Meanwhile, at a distance, Kalia and the team would be making plans to spoil this occasion and somehow cancel the scholarship that Bheem has received because of Kalia’s unending Jealousy.

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What If Chhota Bheem got a Scholarship at the University of Massachusetts and Went There

If after saving himself from the great plan of Kalia, how would it be if Choota Bheem went To study at the University of Massachusetts?

Let’s consider Chhota Bheem got a Scholarship at the University of Massachusetts and joined the university, this is what would happen:

  • The captain of the Hockey team

The university is recognized for its exceptionally excellent hockey team. If Chhota Bheem is in the University he would try his hand out in Hokey and for sure he would turn out to be the best at the game beating all the high scores and ta-da the university team has got their new Captain. 

  • Laddo would become the national favourite sweet dish

We all get inspired by the idols we have and follow their footprints, if Bheem is the captain of the hockey team the whole university sports aspirants would be inspired by him and would follow him. what do you think is his most known habit? Of course, eating laddoos. It would start with the whole university eating laddoos and eventually the sweet will become a national favorite.

  • He would be going for Business courses

Considering his personality, sharp skills, and clever mind, he would be going for a business course following the speciality of the university. Imagining Chhota Bheem in the white shirt, Trousers and Blazer is going to be such a pleasure to the kids and a very great inspiration too.

  • Make the name of India shine

It is Bheem and he can never leave his country behind be it wherever he is in the country. So if he is the captain, a good businessman, or a very excellent student he would always represent his country and make the name of the country shine along with himself.

  • The University of Massachusetts will be recognized by Chhota Bheem’s Name 

If Chhota Bheem gets a Scholarship at the University of Massachusetts the university will start to get recognition by his name considering his skills and all the achievements he will be making there, and I am sure there will be a lot of achievements that the achievers board would be filled by his pictures under all categories.

  • The University of Massachusetts will become another wish for kids

Kids already dream of saving their city like Bheem, if he studies at the University of Massachusetts it is going to be one of the dream colleges for students to wish for when they grow up. The research at this university would start at a very young age and all kinds would want to grow up quickly and go to study at the University of Massachusetts.

Let me give your imagination a break now, Bheem would never go to the University of Massachusetts even if he gets the scholarship.


Because he would never leave his motherland for whatever reason, considering his nature. He loves his friends, the king, Dholakpur, India, and the laddoo of Tun-Tun Mausi way too much to be left for a scholarship

What if Chhota Bheem got a Scholarship

This blog was a fun way to look at how would things be if our idol cartoon changed his way of living. To read more such interesting blogs, kindly follow Infotainment and to read about studying abroad follow Leverage Edu.

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