Funniest Chats With Bard As An International Student 

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You all must be using Bard for some or the other purposes. Moreover, with tools such as Alexa and Siri, we have also had some of the funniest conversations that set the internet on fire. Babies talking to Alexa, misinterpretation of words and quirky responses are some of the most hilarious content on the internet. So much so, that if you type ‘Google will…’ on the search bar, Google will complete your sentence to ‘…you marry me?’ Similarly, we have brought to you our chat with Bard as an international student and believe it, it is nothing if not entertaining. 

Most Relatable Chandler Bing Quotes for International Students

#1 Do people puke because of jet lag?

Bard Response:While vomiting isn’t the most common symptom of jet lag, it can definitely happen to some people.’ 

chat with bard on jet lag

#2 How to make parathas without a rolling pin?

Bard Response:You can definitely make delicious parathas without a rolling pin! Here are a few methods you can try:

  • Pressed Parathas
  • Stuffed Paratha Balls
  • Tap and Spread Method’
chat with bard; ask about making  paratha

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#3 Is it sheepish to wear lots of woollen in London during summer?

Bard Response:It’s definitely not sheepish to wear wool in London during the summer! In fact, wool can be a surprisingly good choice for summer weather, here’s why; 

  • Temperature regulation
  • Sun protection
  • Moisture wicking
  • Durable and wrinkle-resistant
  • Stylish options’
chat with bard about living in London

#4 I am shifting to Sydney as a student, what to do if I find a giant spider in my washroom?

Bard Response:Finding a giant spider in your washroom in Sydney can be a shock, especially for someone not used to Aussie wildlife. But fear not, here’s what you can do:

Stay Calm

Identify the Spider

Seeking Help’

Can Bard tell me how to deal with spiders in Australia?

What Do You Think, The Archies vs Riverdale which one is a better teenage fiction?

#5 Are there any Khaakra shops in Cape Town?

Bard Response:Yes, there are a few Khaakra shops in Cape Town! Here are a few options you might like:

  • Khan’s Spice & Food Store
  • The Spice Centre
  • Kismet Spices’
Google AI definitely got you covered for Indian food shops anywhere!
Google AI tells us about locations of Khaakra shops in Cape Town.

How Smart is Bard?

Yes, Bard is witty and yes it is connected to the internet. And we have confirmed that with our chat with Bard that it is a smart AI tool. But you still have no idea where it picks information from. In critical matters especially, where reliability is required, you will have to cross-check a lot of times if the information is correct. 

In short, you know it is picking up information from the internet, but you cannot be sure about what piece of information is coming from which website and is it reliable. We directly asked Bard if it is reliable, and here is what the response was: 

Hey Bard, are you completely reliable?

‘My reliability depends on several factors, and there are definitely areas where I might not be 100% trustworthy. Here’s a breakdown of my strengths and weaknesses to help you assess my reliability’

Can Bard understand misspeled words? It Bard a smart tool to use?
What are the weeknesses of Bard?

So, you can definitely use Bard for research purposes, but cannot rely on it for critical affairs. Also, let us know about your interesting chat with Bard. Moreover, if you are also starting your college life soon or are already in there, you can drop by our Infotainment page to find some awesome relatable content. 

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