‘The Archies’ Vs ‘Riverdale’: Which One is a Better Teenage Fiction

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Though both these shows are based on the same ‘Archies comics’ the storyline picked by each is different. The Archies movie in India was released on the 7th of December 2023 and has since spiked mixed emotions and debate. Whereas, the movie was released at a similar time as the new Riverdale season is set to go. So, naturally, this comparison of both worlds was inevitable. Let’s look into the aspects of the series one by one. 

The Archies vs Riverdale
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The Archies Vs Riverdale: Similarities

First of all, both the shows were set up in the 1950s giving that old-world vibe with the slow-moving society, iconic dressing sense and hairstyles and the names and development of characters of course. 

Both stories are set in a town called ‘Riverdale’. A town which needs its teens to change its fate and save its demise. The characters in the series are also the same and we can see our fantastic fours Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead standing up against the world. 

However, ‘The Archies’ did great sets to create a 1950s vibe but the town still looked too ‘English’ for a desi adaptation to be frank. But in the casting of characters, Riverdale has got good actors but they looked a little bit older for their age. 

P.S. One more similarity is that you will hardly find these teens actually studying at all throughout the series or the movies. Whichever one you pick. 

the archies vs riverdale
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The Archies Vs Riverdale: Differences

The show Riverdale started on a different tangent and was completely transformed into an unrealistic world by the end of two seasons. However, The Archies, though it addressed smaller issues got the teenage problems grounded to a realistic level. 

However, the treatment of the film was more like watching ‘The Flying Jatt 2’. Moreover, Archie in the movie is shown as an openly confused person in terms of love affairs which we again find more realistic, unlike the series where his love choices have been justified. 

However, Riverdale did pretty well in layering and developing character arcs, especially those like Betty, Cheryl and Veronica. They have grown wiser with what they faced in the series. On the contrary in the movie, it was more of a young rebel. 

the archies
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The Movie or The Series?

Let’s now address the Elephant in the room. So, finally, did you like the movie better or the series? Frankly saying they both might have the same origin but are treated in very different styles. 

Moreover, if we only look at individual aspects of each, we can compare both as the storylines otherwise are quite different. And lastly, it also depends on what you are expecting from it. The Archies is more like a feel-good movie whereas Riverdale is an intense thriller series. 

the archies
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Nevertheless, both have some awesome musicals for you to tap your feet on. That was our analysis, let us know what’s yours. Moreover, if you are also starting your college life soon or are already in there, you can drop by our Infotainment page to find some awesome relatable content. 

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