What If Munna Bhai Studied MBBS Abroad

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What If Munna Bhai Studied MBBS Abroad

The life of the Bollywood movie industry would have been different if Munna bhai studied for his MBBS abroad because his studying would have changed the story of a whole movie. What do you think? How would an experience of such a chill and nonchalant person be abroad for studying? Will he be able to take all those changes? Will he be able to be as friendly as he was here? Or would it be a flop show for him? I feel that the experience would be one of a kind for him. Let’s have a look at how would it be if Munna Bhai studied MBBS abroad.

His F.R.I.E.N.D.S 

What If Munna Bhai Studied MBBS Abroad
Credit: Schoop Whoop 

Munna bhai is an extremely positive and frank person, it is not difficult for such a person to make friends. The guy who can get a person from a coma to life can definitely make friends very quickly. He would have had friends from all the countries, all the classes, all the dorms and all the different cultures. He would be all chill and happy with his friends having night parties with a carefree attitude and with no stress about the classes and how would the result be. The guy would be truly enjoying his stay in the country. 

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You can not expect to have the culture of the classroom to be casual and boring when you have Munna Bhai with you in the class. But you can certainly expect to have the class in a very chill environment. He is someone who is one of those backbencher guys who would entertain you in all the classes by being the target of the teachers in wasting time of the whole class. That is not the time wasted but the time enjoyed and memories remembered. Not everyone has the power to make the whole class laugh. And the ones who have been called the backbenchers and our bhai is among those.

Munna Bhai as Master Chef 

If Munna bhai studied abroad, the next destination would be the stage of master chief. Why? Because the guy would have been trained to cook for himself so well that the taste of his food would be no different from the dishes cooked by great chefs. The guy is of his own taste and it is sure that he would not like the food there. This will force him to cook and considering his overconfidence, he would be confident with his food so much so to go for the MasterChef. 

Class Room Misadventures 

What If Munna Bhai Studied MBBS Abroad
Credit: VC Films

Nobody is not unaware of the medical knowledge of Munna bhai. Can you even imagine how would the practical classes would be? Imagine having a sprain in the shoulder and being treated for a heart attack. Yes, that is what the treatments would be like if Munna Bhai had to deal with the patients himself. And considering the practical session number abroad, this would happen quite frequently. 

Good Giver

Yes, it is Munna bhai that we are talking about as a good giver. Are you guessing giver of what? Giver of ideas, giver of shortcuts and giver of alternatives. The guy is never seen taking the right way as the right ways are pretty lengthy. He has shortcuts for everything and the same he teaches to his friends. These shortcuts would spread in the classrooms like wildfire and will make several other Munna bhais in the class. He would be known for his brilliant ideas and shortcuts. 

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Clashes of The Cultures

There is no doubt that there would be big cultural clashes taking place, not just cultural clashes but cultural explosions. Munna bhai is very adamant about his beliefs and cultures. The behaviour and boy language he holds is of Mumbai and it is going to be very difficult for him to change that. His judgy eyes will check out all the other cultures and may or may not accept it. That might cause him disappointed and unlucky on the journey. 


What If Munna Bhai Studied MBBS Abroad
Credit: Buzzfeed

By admires I mean the only cute girl, who will like his way of living, become a fan, fall in love and start a story. Of course, there is going to be a girl. How can we see are deadly romantic munna bhai alone abroad?  There is no way he is not making anyone fall in love. Like he has Dr. Suman here, he must have had someone like Dr. Jane there. She must be a sidekick because he is too loyal to Dr Suman and would return to her at the end. 

Homesickness Calls Home 

Tired from his daily struggle, his routine of making people laugh, studying the night before the exam, the cultural clashes, the unavailability of Circuit and the longing for his friends and family will get him home very soon. He is not someone who can stay away from his loved ones for that long and eventually a day will come when he will leave all the hustle he went abroad for, he will just book his flight and come back to Mumbai real quick. 

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This is how I believe the journey of Munna bhai would be if he studied his MBBS abroad. To read more of such interesting blogs on informative and entertaining topics, follow Infotainment Archives and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below regarding any doubts or suggestions.

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