World Thinking Day

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World Thinking Day

A day endowed to the young women of the world, that talks about the issues affecting them are officially celebrated as World Thinking Day, every year on February 22. It is not a celebration that finds its roots in recent terms, since it has been almost a hundred years since it was first celebrated! It is a day of international friendship, bringing the aspects of sisterhood, friendship, and women’s empowerment together, as girl scouts all around the world support and celebrate each other. A platform organised by the World Association of Girl Guides, and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), this day exhibits the emphasising components of a distinct theme that changes every year. Let’s share a better glimpse through this blog. Continue reading! 


It all began in 1926. That year, the Guide and Girl Scout organisations representing delegates belonging to a range of countries from all over the world met together at the 4th World Conference in the USA. Among other decisions, they came to the conclusion of having a special day for the Girl Scouts and Girl Guides to think of each other and to share their respective appreciation for each other, including their international movement. The reason why the particular day of February 22 was decided was that it was the birthday of the founder of the Girl Scout and Guide movements. 

The fundraising aspect of the day came to the forefront 6 years later when in 1932 at the 7th World Conference it was suggested that similar to the connection between a birthday and a gift, this day shall too involve the aspect of sharing a token of appreciation by making a donation to the international movement. The day has gone through many themes and celebrations throughout the years. 

To get a broader understanding of the timeline we urge you to read the next section. 

The Broader Timeline of World Thinking Day

world thinking day
A timeline of World Thinking Day

World Thinking Day 2023 Theme

For World Thinking Day 2023, the decided theme is “Our World, Our Peaceful Future”. After conducting research and surveys, where the organisation asked Girl Guides and Girl Scouts what issues they were concerned about and what changes they wanted to see in the world, it was clear that the number one issue they are all faced with is the environment. Taking the same into consideration, the World Thinking Day theme, ‘Our Future’, for 2022-24, was decided. The particular theme of 2022, ‘Our World, Our Equal Future’ was produced and this time, for 2023, ‘Our World, Our Peaceful Future’ is produced which plans to explore the topics of harmony, stewardship; as well as how the role of the environment plays out in peace and security. 

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Impact of World Thinking Day

The impact has reached young women in more than 150 countries. 

The infographics below exhibit some of the major impacts of the day. 

Source: WAGGGS
Source: WAGGGS
Source: WAGGGS

How to Celebrate?

The following points are to be noted on how World Thinking Day can be celebrated. 

  1. Learn about the history and impact of the international movement of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides. 
  2. Get to know about the network of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting and connect with their worldwide sisterhood. 
  3. Speak out about the issues that young women face the most and take action. 
  4. Fundraise World Thinking Day projects all around the world. 

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Q1. Why is World Thinking Day celebrated?

Ans. World Thinking Day is a day for the celebration of girl guides and girl scouts all around the world. 

Q2. What is the World Thinking Day 2022-24 theme? 

Ans. The World Thinking Day 2022-24 theme is ‘Our World, Our Future’. 

Q3. What is the motto of a girl scout? 

Ans. The motto of a girl scout is to always be ready to help out whenever the need arises. 

That was all about the World Thinking Day of February 22. For more such interesting blogs, stay tuned to Wings by Leverage Edu

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