International Dance Day 2024: History, Theme, Significance

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International Dance Day

International Dance Day is an annual event held on April 29th to honour the worldwide art form of dance, which transcends all cultural, ethnic, and political boundaries. The day honours the universality of the art form in which artists communicate using the common language of dance. People are invited to participate in dance and learn about different dance forms on World Dance Day. International Dance Day is also observed to honour Jean-Georges Noverre, who is credited with inventing modern ballet dancing. Learn more about Dance Day, its history, significance, and how it is observed.

Name of the dayInternational Dance Day
Observed onApril 29
Reason To celebrate the different forms of dance

History of International Dance Day

The earliest evidence of dance can be discovered in cave drawings dating back more than 10,000 years. Dance is thus one of the oldest expressions of human expression. Before, dance was used to worship gods, tell stories, and so on. Contemporary dance genres are performed for a variety of reasons, including self-expression, entertainment, and education. These span from classical Indian dances to ballet, waltz, tango, jazz, tap, hip-hop, and other styles.

The origins of International Dancing Day may be traced back to 1982 when it was initially observed on Jean-Georges Noverre’s birthday. Dancing Day is observed annually on April 29th by the International Theatre Institute (ITI), a partner of UNESCO performing arts.

The ITI established an international day to promote dance styles all over the world. Every year on World Dance Day, the International Dance Committee and the ITI Executive Council choose a famous dance celebrity, choreographer, or dancer to send a message emphasising the importance of the art form. The message is subsequently translated into numerous languages and distributed globally.

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What is the Theme of International Dance Day 2024?

The theme of International Dance Day 2024 has not been decided yet by the official sources. Here are its previous year’s themes:

Year Themes 
2023To celebrate the versatility and popularity of dance as an art form.
2022Dance Your Way to Boost Physical and Mental Health
2021Purpose of dance
Source: Navyansh Art

Timeline of Events

The first trace of Dance (3300 BC)

The earliest indications of dance can be discovered in Egyptian tombs and on Indian rock walls.

Pointe Shoes on Point (1832)

During her ballet performance in “La Sylphide,” Marie Taglioni debuts pointe shoes.

Dance Craze is all the rage (1950s-1970s)

Fad dances grew with the surge in popularity of pop music during these decades; have you heard of Twist? What about the Mashed Potato? the Canine? the Hitchhiker’s Guide?

Dancing with the Stars debuts (2005)

Dancing with the Stars, now in its 28th season, launched in 2005, capturing America’s passion for dancing on television by partnering a celebrity with a professional dancer and allowing fans to vote for their favourite dancers throughout the season.

Source: DD News

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Significance of International Dance Day

International Dance Day honours the beauty and power of dance as a creative art form. Dancing is an ancient art form that is worldwide and open to all. In today’s diverse and global society, International Dance Day makes use of dance as an effective vehicle for strengthening ties and exchanging dialogue.

Dancing is a diverse and powerful method of self-expression that is not simply beautiful and creative. The ITI declared April 29th as Dancing Day to –

  • Increase public knowledge of the creative and therapeutic value of dance, as well as its varied forms.
  • Dance in all of its forms should be promoted and appreciated throughout the world.
  • Help and encourage the global dance community to promote their art form on an international scale so that governments and country leaders are aware of its importance and may offer their assistance.
  • Dance in all of its forms should be enjoyed and appreciated.
  • Enjoy the joy of dancing without regard for race, nationality, or culture.
Source: Artistic Bidisha

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How to Celebrate International Dance Day?

Here’s how you can celebrate International Dance Day 2023:

  • Attend a class: Have you tried Tango before? What about the Zambian dance? How about the Lindy Hop? If you’re not a natural dancer, don’t fret. Starting classes late is highly forgiving. Regardless of your ability level, it is the day to widen your horizons! So get enrolled in a dance class of your choice.
  • See a performance: Beautiful costumes, vibrant colours, and magnificent settings are frequently seen in dance performances. Lion King, the highest-grossing Broadway play, has been viewed by over 100 million people since its debut in 1997. Even if you can’t witness a play in person today, you can see footage of dance forms on the International Theatre Institute’s website.
  • Encourage the next generation of dancers: Dance classes can begin at a very young age for children. Those who enjoy and continue with it get numerous benefits, including enhanced physical fitness, self-confidence, improved ability to listen to and understand instructions, and a stronger drive to persevere. Urge your children to try out for a dance team!

5 Types of Dance Forms Around the World

  • ​Ballet– Ballet, also known as the “backbone” of dance, focuses on techniques that need a great degree of devotion to perfect.
  • Hip-Hop– Hip-hop, which originated in the 1970s, became popular in the 1980s with styles like breaking, popping, and locking.
  • Salsa– Salsa dancers’ trademark hip motions result from stepping while keeping their upper body still and level.
  • Bharatanatyam– This ancient South Indian dance developed in Hindu temples around 1000 BC and is usually performed by women to communicate religious and spiritual beliefs.
  • The Dragon Dance- A well-known Chinese dance in which dancers use poles to support a long, flexible dragon figure; the longer the dragon, the more luck it is thought to bring to the town.


1. Why is International Dance Day celebrated?

Ans. The International Dance Committee of ITI established International Dance Day in 1982 to be observed every year on April 29th, the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), the creator of modern ballet.

2. Which is World Dance Day?

Ans. The International Theatre Institute (ITI), UNESCO’s major partner for the performing arts, established International Dance Day on April 29 as a global celebration of dance.

3. How do we celebrate International Dance Day?

Ans. The International Theatre Institute’s Executive Council hosts a ceremonial gala as Dance Day’s main event. The location of this spectacular ceremony changes each year, but the festivities can be enjoyed by anybody, anywhere.

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