40 Slogans on Save Environment for World Environment Day

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Save Environment Slogans for Students

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5. Established by the UN, this day aims to encourage awareness about protecting the environment. The day was first celebrated in 1973 with the slogan Only One Earth. Since then, it has become an important annually celebrated day to urge governments and organizations to tackle related issues such as deforestation, pollution, and climate change. As the day is approaching, so are the school competitions such as quizzes on World Environment Day. Here are some interesting slogans on Save Environment in English for students to get creative.

10 Rhyming Slogans on Save Environment for Students

1. Keep our planet Earth clean, make less waste and go green.

2. Plant some flowers or plant a tree, for you and me. 

3. Don’t be mean, keep our environment and Mother Nature green. 

4. Earth has valuable treasures, protect them with effective anti-pollution measures.

Slogans on Save Environment

5. Nature’s plea, pollution-free, and the Earth so green. 

6. Less waste and pollution-free is the way to be. 

7. Be a dear friend to the trees, save water and save the seas. 

8. Protect the Earth, animals, humans, and birds’ place of birth. 

Slogans on Save Environment

9. Keep it clean and serene, beautify our Earth and make it serene. 

10. Act today, keep pollution at bay. 

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10 Best and Unique Slogans on Save Environment

  1. Act now to make way for a cleaner and greener planet tomorrow. 
  2. The future of our planet and environment is in our hands, we must take action now. 
  3. We must find solutions and reduce pollution and waste now to protect our environment. 
  4. Be the key solution and not a contributor to pollution. 
  5. Think of green and always act green. 
  6. Protecting nature and preserving the environment is the key to our survival. 
  7. To ensure our future, we must first begin with preserving the environment. 
  8. Take sustainable actions today and save the planet for tomorrow. 
  9. Individual green actions can lead to a global impact. 
  10. Protect our planet Earth and preserve the environment for future generations. 

10 Slogans on Save Environment for Poster and Drawing

1. Clean environment, green Earth. 

2. Protect our planet today, and preserve our future. 

3. Take small steps, make a big impact, and save our planet. 

4. One Earth, one chance. Act now and take effective measures. 

5. Every day is Earth Day. Play your part towards saving our environment. 

Slogans on Save Environment

6. Join the green side and stand with pride. 

7. Sow the seeds of sustainability and protect our environment for today, tomorrow, and forever. 

8. Love and protect our planet Earth and its environment. This is our only home. 

9. Play your part and take the initiative towards protecting our planet Earth.

Slogans on Save Environment

10. Act quick act green, and make our environment clean. 

10 Funny Slogans on Save Environment

  1. Earth without art is just ‘eh’. Take effective steps and save the environment.
  2. Don’t be mean, keep your environment clean.
  3. Don’t be trashy and keep it classy. Keep your environment clean. 
  4. Don’t let our future go in vain. Keep your environment clean and save our future for the planet. 
  5. It’s getting hot in here, save Mother Earth and preserve the environment.
  6. Reduce, recycle, and reuse, because the trash can is not the end. 
  7. Every day is Earth Day, so save the environment like there is no tomorrow. 
  8. Pollution is an act of fool, opting for environment-friendly habits makes you look cool. 
  9. Recycle your things on this World Environment Day, it’s a great idea. 
  10. Save our dearest Earth, it’s the only planet with chocolates. 
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