What are 10 Ways to Reduce Pollution?

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what are 10 ways to reduce pollution

Environmental pollution is a global issue affecting the entire world. Any harmful substance that poses a negative impact on the environment is considered a pollutant. Pollutants cause pollution. Due to increasing pollution, it become necessary to reduce our demands. Pollution can be of any form, i.e. elimination of smoke from automobiles to the sound of a loudspeaker. Apart from human intervention, natural calamities can also cause pollution. But we can make collective efforts to reduce air, water, soil, noise, or other pollution. Let’s discuss and find out what are 10 ways to reduce pollution!

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Ways to Reduce Pollution

Mentioned below are the top 10 ways to reduce pollution:

1. Choose Public Transportation

Travelling in public transportation is a great way to reduce pollution. It is economical and at the same time, you can also make individual efforts to save the environment. You can also use a cycle or walk if your destination is not so far, or use e-vehicles. Travelling in private vehicles increases the number of vehicles running on the road and that will automatically increase the AQI levels. Thus, by using public transport you can reduce air pollution

public transportation
Source: Hindustan Times

2. Reuse Reduce Recycle

The concept is reuse, reduce, and recycle is very effective because it not only saves natural resources but also decreases wastage. Reusing and recycling old products appreciate the process of reducing waste and it will ultimately decrease the pollution. Reuse, reduce, and recycle is the golden rule to decrease pollution.

reuse reduce and recycle
Source: Google

3. Dispose of Waste in a Systematic Manner

Waste management
Source: Writers Cafeteria 

There is a systematic way of disposing waste so that it can be processed and recycled. The image given above displays different coloured dustbins and they are categorised according to the waste through in them. For example, metal waste should be disposed of in red dustbin and organic waste should be discarded in grey dustbin. 

4. Save Energy

Save energy
Source: Firstcry

Energy conservation is very important because energy can be transformed from one form to another. The production of energy requires a high amount of natural resources. Thus, the wastage of energy ultimately leads to the wastage of resources and leads to pollution. Turn off lights and other electrical appliances when not in use. 

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5. Conserve Water

Conserve Water
Source: Econaur

Water is a scarce resource because there is a very low percentage of fresh drinking water on earth. Thus, water conservation is one of the crucial phenomena. Rainwater harvesting is one of the best ways to conserve water. Apart from this, do not throw plastic bottles or other waste in water bodies. Excessive discharge of chemicals and other pollutants also pollute water.

6. Do Not Use Excessive Chemicals for Agriculture

what are 10 ways to reduce pollution
Source: Down to Earth

Nowadays, the use of pesticides and fertilizers is very high in the agriculture sector to increase yield. But it hampers the quality of soil, degrades fertility, and causes soil pollution. Chemicals also get absorbed by the plants and transfer to the food chain thereby creating health issues.

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7. Stop Burning Garbage/Stop Smoking

what are 10 ways to reduce pollution
Source: The Island

Burning garbage generates heavy smoke that pollutes the air and disturbs the AQI level. It creates smog and releases gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, etc. Other pollutants like PM 2.5 and PM 10 also contribute to air pollution. Harmful gases like chlorofluorocarbons deplete the ozone layer. So, reduce the burning of garbage to decrease air pollution. 

8. Install Solar Panels

solar panels
Source: Soleeva

Solar panels use solar energy to generate electricity. It is the best alternative to make use of the natural resource to produce electricity.

9. Use Filters in the Chimneys

Source: Techno Kontrol

Gases emitted from the kitchen and industries are very harmful to the environment. They can severely affect the air quality. So it is advisable to install chimney filters to filter out harmful gases and reduce pollution.

10. Dont Waste Natural Resources

what are 10 ways to reduce pollution
Source: JP International School

Natural resources should not be wasted. Various methods should be adopted at individual and group levels to conserve natural resources and reduce pollution.

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