New Year’s Eve: Date, Definition, History, Traditions, and Significance

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New Year's Eve Date, Definition, History, Traditions, and Significance

New Year’s Eve refers to the last evening of the year that will bring New Year. The New Year’s Eve is celebrated around the world with happiness and enthusiasm. According to the Gregorian Calendar, the year ends on 31 December therefore, New Year’s Eve is celebrated every year on 31 December following the global standard. Although there are many ancient calendars before the Gregorian Calendar that consider different dates to celebrate New Year. Stay tuned and read this article to know when and how to celebrate New Year’s Eve!

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When is New Year’s Eve celebrated?

New Year’s Eve, the last evening before the commencement of the New Year is celebrated in many countries by singing, eating, dancing, and enjoying with friends and family to end the bygone year on a positive note and welcome the upcoming year with happiness and joy. 

New Year’s Eve is celebrated on 31 December all over the world. In many countries, this day is also referred to as Old Year’s Day or Saint Sylvester’s Day. The festivities of this day last well past midnight till 1 January i.e. New Year’s Day.

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Why is New Year’s Eve celebrated on 31 December?

Every country follows a standard calendar i.e. Gregorian Calendar. IN October 1582, Pope Gregory XIII authorized the introduction of the Gregorian calendar in Rome. Initially, the calendar was based on the lunar cycle of the Earth’s moon. But it was replaced by the Gregorian Calendar which is based on the Solar year. Thus, according to the calendar the world celebrates it on 31 December.

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Traditions and Significance of New Year’s Eve 

New Year’s Eve is not just a festivity but it is also a heart-touching feeling of how soon the year has ended and a New Year is arrived. On this day you will think about the memories you made in the bygone year and make New Year’s Resolutions

But there are many traditions followed on New Year’s Eve. One of the main traditions is the ball drop at Times Square in New York. The ball drop tradition was started in 1907 in which a ball is made to descend from the pole above Times Square sharply at 11:59 PM to mark the announcement of the beginning of New Year.

Other customs are drinking beer, opening the doors and window to let go of the bygone year, and sweeping the ornaments off the Christmas tree, it is done because some people believe that an old Christmas tree will bring bad luck in the New Year, enjoying firecrackers, dancing, eating, spending time with friends, and family, sending wishes to people around you and having fun. 

When it is 12:00 AM on the clock ON 31 December, the new year begins. People start enjoying by cheering, raising toast, kissing loved ones, dancing, and having fun.

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What is New Year’s Eve celebrated for?

It is celebrated on 31 December to bid a happy farewell to the previous year and welcome New Year with friends and family. New Year’s Eve is the last day of the year so, people celebrate it by attending events and enjoying it with their loved ones.

Which country is first for the new year?

The Line Islands, Samoa and Tonga, in the Pacific Ocean, are the first places to welcome the New Year. American Samoa, Howland Island, and Baker Island (part of the United States Minor Outlying Islands) are the last places to welcome New Year.

What is the official colour of New Year’s Eve 2024?

The official colour of New Year’s Eve is Peach Fuzz, a sherbet-like orange hue. It is a sweet soft shade which is entirely different from the previous year’s bold and dramatic shade i.e. Viva Magenta. 

That was some information about New Year’s Eve. For more such articles, make sure to check the trending events page of Leverage Edu.

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