National Handloom Day 2024- History & Significance

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National Handloom Day

National Handloom Day is celebrated every year on the 7th of August. The aim is to pay tribute to the handloom community for carrying on the traditional heritage and ensuring financial stability. Moreover, the day also commemorates the Swadeshi Movement and brings India’s handloom industry to the light. For the uninformed, handloom artistry refers to the type of artistry that generally does not require a power loom. However, the process might need manual involvement and an artistic approach to finish the production. Keep reading to know more about the National Handloom Day.

Name of the dayNational Handloom Day
Observed onAugust 7
Reason To honour and motivate the weaving community to promote the rich cultural heritage. 


  • The history of this day can be traced back to the Swadeshi Movement, held on 7th August.
  • The Swadeshi Movement has encouraged indigenous industries particularly, the handloom weaving industry.
  • Thus, the Indian government decided to designate the day as National Handloom Day.
  • The first National Handloom Day was celebrated on 7 August 2015. It was inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi in Chennai.

Why is the National Handloom Day Significant?

This day is celebrated under the coordination of the Ministry of Textiles. The day is significant for several reasons. These are listed below:

  • The day recognizes and appreciates the Indian textile industry’s participation and involvement in maintaining the socio-economic growth of the country.
  • National Handloom Day is observed to increase the awareness of the public regarding the handloom sector and its contributions.
  • To preserve Indian handloom tradition and to provide more opportunities to people in the sector
  • 70% of the handloom weavers in India are women. Hence, the handloom sector plays a major role in women’s empowerment 
  • According to the 2019-20 data, approximately 31.45 families are involved in handloom, weaving, and other related activities.
  • The handloom and artisans have contributed to India’s soft power thus ensuring monetary flow. For example, Khadi diplomacy, and Saree Diplomacy.
  • Moreover, exports are made to more than 20 countries such as the US, Germany, and the UK.
  • Safeguard the long-term viability of the sector by economically strengthening the handloom artisans and thus encourage pride in fine artistry.
Source: Mikul Art Medium

National Handloom Day 2024: Theme 

The National Handloom Day 2024 theme is not available yet. We will update it as soon as the official sources release the theme for this year.

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Changes in Government Policies for National Handloom Day

Several steps have been taken by the government on this day in 2021 to promote the handloom sector in India. Below we have listed some of them:

  • The handloom, power loom, wool, jute, and silk boards were discontinued. These boards have become areas of political sponsorship and were offering no genuine help to the weavers.
  • Creation of handloom portals, Fashion Design Council of India, support fund to support upcoming designers in India, Atma Nirbhar Bharat program was launched to support handloom weavers in India.

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How to Celebrate?

Handloom Day 2024 can be celebrated by everyone to recognise the contributions made by the  Indian workers and weavers. Some of the things that can be done to celebrate this day are as follows:

  • Attend the Handloom Fairs within the city or take part in an online event
  • Donate money at a local weaver shop to support the workers
  • Spread awareness about the handloom sector within the community. It can be done with the help of social media apps. For example, posting an image regarding handloom products.
Source: Navyansh Art

Handloom Events

This day can be celebrated by participating in several government-run events. These are the upcoming events that anyone can be a part of. Visit the official website:( to apply for the same.

  • Selfie content with Indian selfie Handloom
  • Share your entrepreneurship story
  • Create a reel and show your love for handloom
  • Pledge to use Indian handloom


Quotations made by significant people are always worth a read. Here is a list of the popular National Handloom Day Quotes:

  • “I do spinning and weaving as an important part of any national education system,” said Mahatma Gandhi.
  • “A good life is like weaving. Energy is created in the tension. The struggle, the pull, and the tug are everything.” Joan Erikson.
  • “Life is a loom, weaving illusion.” ― Vachel Lindsay.

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Why is National Handloom Day celebrated?

The National Handloom Day is celebrated on August 7 every year in India. The day recognises the work of the handloom community. The National Handloom Day also commemorates the Swadeshi Movement of 7th August 1905.

Who started Handloom Day?

The National Handloom Day was launched by PM Narendra Modi on 7th August 2015. The inauguration was done in Chennai.

Where is the first handloom in India?

The first handloom in India was introduced at the Mohenjo-Daro site in the 18th century. As per evidence out of all arts and crafts, Indian handloom is the oldest.

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