📍Karnataka Rajyotsava 2023: Origin, History and Celebrations in India

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karnataka rajyotsava

Karnataka Formation Day also known as Karnataka Rajyotsava is celebrated on 1st November. It marks the formation of the state of Karnataka. This state was previously called the State of Mysore and was eventually renamed Karnataka to encompass the entire Kannada-speaking region. This day is significant for the people of Karnataka as it commemorates the unification of various Kannada-speaking regions into a single state. In this blog, we will talk about how the Karnataka Formation Day came into being, what can be done on this day and much more. 

Overview of Karnataka Rajyotsava (Karnataka Formation Day)

Karnataka Formation Day also known as Karnataka Rajyotsava is celebrated every year on 1st November. This day marks the formation of the state of Karnataka in India. It was on this day in 1956 that the Kannada-speaking regions of South India were merged together to form the state of Mysore. Mysore was later renamed Karnataka in 1973. Various celebrations take place on this day such as cultural events, hoisting of the Karnataka flag and parades. 

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History and Origin of Karnataka Formation Day

Karnataka Rajyotsava or Karnataka Formation Day is celebrated every year on the 1st of November to commemorate the formation of the state in India. For all those who don’t know, Karnataka was originally part of the larger state of Madras during British colonial rule. 

After India attained its independence in 1947, demands for linguistic states based on the language spoken in various parts of the country were raised. 

Soon, the linguistic reorganisation of states in India led to the formation of Karnataka on 1st November 1956. Finally, the state was created by merging the Kannada-speaking regions from the former states of Madras, Hyderabad and Bombay. 

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Here is the video of how Karnataka was formed:

How to Celebrate Karnataka Formation Day

Karnataka Rajyotsava is celebrated with great enthusiasm and pride in the whole of Karnataka. On this day, several cultural events, and parades take place. Even the state flag of Karnataka is hoisted. The state also honours all the people who made significant contributions to Karnataka’s development and culture on that day.  

Here are all the ways by which the Karnataka Rajyotsava can be celebrated:

  • Flag Hoisting: One can start the day by hoisting the Karnataka state flag to show respect for the state’s formation. 
  • Cultural Events: Several cultural events can be organised which will feature traditional music, art, and dance which are unique to Karnataka. 
  • Historical Visits: People can visit historical sites such as museums, and monuments which showcase Karnataka’s rich heritage. Some of them include Mysore Palace, Badami Caves etc. 
  • Community Service: People can participate in community service activities wherein they will give back to society and the state. 
  • Traditional Attire: People can dress up in traditional Karnataka attire and even encourage others to do so.  

Remember, celebrating Karnataka Rajyotsava is a way to express one’s love for the state and its heritage. 

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How to Wish on Karnataka Formation Day

In order, to wish on Karnataka Rajyotsava, one can send people simple and respectful messages. Here are some of the examples:

  • Celebrate the brotherhood of Karnataka on this special day. Happy Rajyotsava!
  • The spirit of Karnataka is very high. Happy Rajyotsava 2023!
  • A salute to the ancestors for giving us a mighty state like Karnataka. Karnataka Rajyotsava!

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Q1. What is the meaning of Rajyotsava?

A1. Rajyotsava refers to the establishment of a state. All of India’s Kannada-speaking districts were combined to form a new state in 1956, which was given the name Karnataka.

Q2. Who gave the name Karnataka?

A2. On November 1st, 1973, D. Devaraja Urs granted the name “Karnataka.”

Q3. Who formed the Karnataka flag?

A3. M. Ramamurthy embarked on a Padayatra to protest the raising of flags from neighbouring state parties in the capital when he discovered Kannadigas lacked a flag to fly. He created a yellow flag with a map of Karnataka and a paddy crown in the middle.

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