📍Where is the Statue of Unity?: Check Location & How to Reach

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Where is Statue of Unity?: Check Location & How to Reach

Did you know that the Statue of Unity is one of the tallest statues in the world? The statue was built on 31st October, this day is known as National Unity Day. This day is also known as Rashtriya Ekta Diwas. It is located 3.5 miles from the small Gujarati hamlet of Kevadiya.

The Statue of Unity stands on Sadhu island on the Narmada, which is 3.2 km downstream of Sardar Sarovar Dam, the second largest concrete gravity dam (by volume) in the world.

Do you wish to know more information on the Statue of Unity? Well, worry not as we have compiled all the necessary information on the Statue of Unity location.

About Statue of Unity

Located in Kevadiya colony, approximately 100 miles southeast of Vadodara, on Sadhu Bet island on the Narmada, the Statue of Unity is a tall monument dedicated to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, one of India’s founding fathers and the nation’s first Deputy Prime Minister.

At 182 metres, Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented what is purported to be the largest statue in the world, surpassing the 153-meter Spring Temple Buddha in China by a significant margin. At a staggering 2,989 crore, Larsen & Tubro was awarded the project, and on 31st October 2014, they started building. The plan was to unveil the Sardar Patel statue on 31st October 2018, which is his 143rd birthday.

Source: Moneycontro

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Statue of Unity: Location

Sardar Patel’s statue is more than simply a monument. There are several methods to get to the location, including driving on State Highways 11 and 63.

The site is approximately 100 kilometres from Vadodara, 200 kilometres from Ahmedabad, the capital, and 420 kilometres from Mumbai. The statue lies just 3.5 miles from Kevadia, the closest town in the Narmada area, where you will arrive.

Although, construction is underway to link the statue location to a motorway.

Statue of Unity: How to Reach

The Statue of Unity is roughly 200 kilometres from Ahmedabad, the state capital, and Vadodara, and approximately 100 km from Mumbai.

There are several different methods to get to this location, such as via travelling on State Highways 11 and 63. The statue can be reached from the mainland via a bridge; however, a ferry voyage to Sadhu Bet Island, where the statue is located, is also a feasible option.

Check out the video which shows how you can reach the Statue of Unity.

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What is the ticket price of the Statue of Unity?

The ticket price for visiting the Statue of Liberty is Rs 120 per adult.

Which river is the Statue of Unity on?

The Statue of Unity is located on the Narmada River.

Which railway station is near to Statue of Unity?

Kevadia railway station is located near the Statue of Unity.

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