International Yoga Day 2024- History, Theme, Significance

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International Yoga Day

The International Day of Yoga (IDY) is an important day observed every year on June 21. It is dedicated to raising awareness about yoga and its countless advantages in our lives. Observed annually, this day also celebrates the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga in contributing to a healthy and happy life. Yoga’s origin can be traced back over 5,000 years ago. Yoga is not just a form of exercise, it is an art that unites body and mind. When the global pandemic COVID-19 affected the mental and physical state of people around the world, yoga came as a rescue. Let’s explore the history, theme, and significance of International Day of Yoga.

What is Yoga?

  • The word “yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which means “to join” or “to unite”.
  • It is the union of “Atma” (Individual Consciousness)  and “Paramatma” (Universal Consciousness) which indicates a perfect harmony between the mind, body, man, nature, and the universe.
  • As per the Oxford Dictionary, Yoga is “a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practised for health and relaxation.” 

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History of the International Yoga Day

  • The idea of establishing and celebrating this was proposed by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India.
  • He addressed this idea during his speech at the UNGA in September 2014.
  • June 21 was declared the official International Yoga Day as it coincides with Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. 
  • His proposal received exemplary support from the UN member states, resulting in the adoption of a resolution on 11 December 2014. 
  • This resolution was supported by 177 countries, indicating the global acceptance of yoga and its innumerable health benefits. 
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What is the Theme of International Yoga Day in 2024?

The theme of International Yoga Day in 2024 is “Yoga for Women Empowerment”. It aims to highlight issues related to women’s health and how practising yoga every day can contribute to living a better life. 

Year Theme 
2023Yoga for Unity
2022Yoga for Humanity
2021Yoga for well-being
2020Yoga for Health-Yoga at Home

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Benefits of Yoga

Do you also have anxiety and stress but no idea how to manage it? Practicing yoga regularly keeps you physically and mentally fit. It initiates the union of mental and physical fitness and helps us achieve a peaceful lifestyle. A human is a physical, mental, and spiritual being. Yoga helps us to create balance among the three components. Check out more benefits of yoga for the human body:

  • Yoga develops physical health and mental health
  • Yoga will help you to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Yoga is a great way to increase your spiritual health and social health
  • It improves your heart health, respiratory health
  • Yoga will also prevent various kinds of diseases
  • Yoga promotes a mental self-healing process
  • Yoga boosts immunity and metabolism
  • Yoga aids in the weight loss journey
  • Yoga increases flexibility and muscle strength.
  • Yoga helps in reducing hypertension
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What is the Significance of International Yoga Day?

Here are a few important points highlighting the importance of International Yoga Day:

  1. It aims to raise awareness about the importance and advantages of yoga on our mental and physical health
  2. The day encourages people of all ages to adopt a healthier and active lifestyle.
  3. It also brings people from different cultures under one roof and promotes peace and cooperation. 
  4. It encourages communities and governments to organize yoga-related activities. 


When was the first International Yoga Day?

The first International Yoga Day was observed on June 21, 2015. The celebrations took place at Rajpath in New Delhi, India. 

What is the theme of International Yoga Day 2024?

The theme of International Yoga Day in 2024 is Yoga for Women Empowerment.

What is the importance of Yoga Day?

It raises awareness about the various mental and physical health benefits of yoga practice. 

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