Gaganyaan Mission: First Test Flight On 21st October

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Gaganyaan Mission

On 21st October 2023, The Indian Space Research Organisation will conduct the first flight test of the Ganayaan Mission. This test flight is TV-D1 and will take place at the First launchpad at SDSC-Shar in Shriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. The TV-D1 Test Flight will only be a short-duration flight, with limited visibility from the Launch View Gallery. Interested people can book their slots by completing the registration form from 17th October onwards. Let’s explore more about this next mission of ISRO.

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What is the Gaganyaan Mission?

Gaganyaan Mission is the next in the series of India’s space exploration projects, developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). Gaganyaan was constructed to demonstrate human spaceflight capacity by launching a crew of 3, from a 400km orbit for a 3-day mission. After this, the crew will be brought back home safely and will most likely land in Indian waters.

Gaganyaan is planned and designed with a flawless strategy where in-house expertise, intellectual capabilities of Indian academia and experience in the space industry have all worked collectively to accomplish the mission. The prerequisites of this mission consist of developments like the Human-rated version of the LVM3, which is used to carry a crew safely to space and back to the home planet.

In addition to this, there is a life support system inside the spacecraft which will provide them earth-like environment, an emergency escape system and crew management aspects of training, recovery and rehabilitation.

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Gaganyaan Mission Launch Date

The Gaganyaan Mission launch date is all set for 21st October 2023 between 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. The Indian Space Research Organisation will be conducting the first flight test on this date from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre-Shar in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

Once this test flight is successful, the second test flight, TV-D2 will be conducted in early 2024. This test mission will take the crew to a height of 17 km at lower Earth orbit.

How Long Will It Take to Launch Gaganyaan?

Before launching the actual Human Space Flight mission, various prototype or test missions will be carried out to demonstrate the Technology Preparedness Levels. These test missions will include the Integrate AirDrop Test (IADT), the Pad Abort Test (PAT) and the Test Vehicle (TV) flights. 

Gaganyaan-1 flight was finally prepared in April 2022. The first flight test for this next space mission will take place on 21st October 2023 and the second test flight will be conducted in early 2024. Both these flight tests, TV-D1 and TV-D2 will be unmanned flights and will be launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre-Shar in Sri Harikota. 

Once the Gaganyaan-1 is carried out successfully, ISRO will launch the Gaganyaan-2, which will carry Vyommitra, the humanoid robot.

Gaganyaan Launch Vehicle

Gaganyaan will be launched using the Human Rated LVM3. This Human-Rated Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mk III is a heavy rocket launcher. It consists of a solid stage, a liquid stage and a cryogenic stage. All these stages are re-configured to fulfil human rating requirements. This launch vehicle is capable of launching the Orbital Module to an Intented Lower Earth Orbit of up to 400 km.

The Human-Rated VM consists of a Crew Escape System, which is powered by a set of quick-acting and a higher burn rate for solid motors. This ensures that the Crew Module (CM) and the crew are safely taken to a safe distance in case of an emergency, either at the launch pad or during the launching stage.

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What is the Gaganyaan mission?

Gaganyaan, an Indian space exploration mission,  is an orbital spacecraft carrying a 3-member crew and will be the formative spacecraft of the Indian Human Spaceflight Programme (IHSP).

What is the budget of the Gaganyaan mission?

The total budget of the Gaganyaan mission is set at INR 9024 crore ($1.08 Billion) by the Union Minister of State Science and Technology.

Where will the Gaganyaan land?

The Gaganyaan mission will carry a human crew into an orbit of 400km and return them safely to the Indian waters.

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