Mother’s Day 2024: Date, Significance, Why do we Celebrate?

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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an annual celebration observed generally on the second Sunday of the month of May. It is a day dedicated to acknowledging and appreciating the roles of mothers in our lives. Moreover, Mother’s Day acts as a reminder about the unconditional love and countless sacrifices they make for our well-being. In 2024, Mother’s Day will be celebrated on 12 May in India and the USA whereas the UK observes Mother’s Day in the month of March. This is a day to wish your maternal figures a Happy Mother’s Day and seek their blessings. Let’s take a look at the origins of Mother’s Day and how to celebrate it at home.

Name of the dayMother’s Day
Observed on12 May
Reason To show appreciation for the love, care, and sacrifices our mothers make for us. 

History and Origin of Mother’s Day

The origin of Mother’s Day is much older than you think. During ancient times, the Greeks and Romans used to celebrate similar festivals to honour the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. These festivities were generally observed during the spring season to celebrate fertility and motherhood. 

However, the modern Day celebrations of Mother’s Day were sparked by Anna Jarvis, an American social activist. She organized numerous campaigns to honour mothers across the country after the death of her own mother in 1905. 

Then-President Woodrow Wilson signed her proclamation. Fast forward to 1914, he officially declared Mother’s Day to be held on every second Sunday of the month of May. Since then, Mother’s Day has been observed every year and has been adopted by numerous other countries.

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Why do we Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Here are a few points outlining the significance of Mother’s Day:

  • Mother’s Day honours and appreciates the sacrifices made by our maternal figures to ensure our well-being, growth, and success. 
  • It serves as an opportunity for children to express their love, gratitude, and affection towards their mothers. 
  • Mother’s Day also educates people about the challenges faced by mothers to play the role of a homemaker, caregiver, and ideal person. 
  • It also strengthens the bond between a mother and her children.

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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home?

Since the occasion of Mother’s Day will be observed on Sunday, it is the perfect occasion to make the most out of it. Here are a few ways to celebrate Mother’s Day at home to create memories to cherish forever:

  • Plan an outdoor picnic
  • Surprise with breakfast in bed
  • Give her flowers
  • Plan a spa session at home
  • Throw her a surprise party
  • Plant new saplings and watch them grow
  • Amaze her with your dancing skills
  • Make a DIY keepsake
  • Binge her favourite TV series


Which day is International Mother’s Day?

International Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of the month of May. It is an international day celebrated annually to honour mothers and their crucial role in shaping our lives.

What day is Mother’s Day each year?

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of the May month.

Is Mother’s Day big in India?

Yes, Mother’s Day is among the most important celebrations in India. On this day, children make hand-made greeting cards and organize parties to surprise their mothers with the best things of both worlds. It is also a perfect occasion to initiate fundraising programs and donation drives at orphanages so that everyone can feel the love and warmth of a mother’s love. 

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