Bollywood Films You Need to Watch Before Studying Abroad

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Bollywood Films You Need to Watch Before Studying Abroad

If you’re a student who wants to study abroad, traditional education alone won’t be sufficient to motivate you. As children love entertainment, inspirational movies are one of the easiest and most effective ways to boost their motivation. 

Bollywood movies are the perfect way to escape from your everyday routine. The hours you spend watching Bollywood movies will not only work as a source of entertainment but also motivation and inspiration. You will feel more motivated in packing your bags and visiting a new country to pursue your higher studies. 

Bollywood movies are not limited to entertainment. The actors, story, movie plot, and visuals will also motivate you. Here are the best Bollywood films that you should watch before studying abroad. 

3 Idiots 

If you’ve watched 3 idiots, then there’s one pristine location you might remember from the movies. Yes, the majestic Leh Ladakh. The movie has a significant impact on boosting the tourism industry of Leh Ladakh. The final climax of the movie was shot near Pangong Lake, which expands and stretches between two countries, China and India. The lake is super popular due to its majestic beauty and well as ever-changing colour. The movie made Pangong Lake so popular that most restaurants, lodges, hotels, and camps are named after the 3 Idiots movie. If you’re looking for inspiration and motivation, make sure you watch 3 Idiots as the characters will undoubtedly make you believe in yourself. 

Hum Tum

Hum tum is one of the best Bollywood movies you need to watch before you go abroad for educational purposes. There’s one famous dialogue from the movie: Yeh Zindagi Bohot Lambi Hai Aur Hamare Pass Waqt Bohot Kam!!

Saif Ali Khan used to tell this line to Rani Mukherjee to assure her that their paths will cross in the future. If you pay close attention to this dialogue, you will be able to take inspiration. The movie is based on different plots such as USA, Amsterdam, Delhi, Paris, and Mumbai. The characters meet at different locations and at different points in their lives, which improves their chemistry. This movie is inspired by a Hollywood movie named When Harry Met Sally. You will be dying to visit Amsterdam and Paris after watching Hum Tum. 

Jab We Met 

If you’re someone who loves train journeys, this movie is perfect for you. This movie showcases a plot of two characters, Aditya & Geet, who met each other on a train journey and end up chaining each other’s life drastically. They take pit stops at different locations, encountering great situations that will leave you in awe. They also visit small towns in different vehicles. They will help you realize the joy and excitement of visiting different places. If you’re scared about your journey abroad for educational purposes, consider watching Jab We Met. You will get to know how marvellous your experience can be and how you can enjoy most of your journey. There’s a famous song from this movie named Yeh Ishq Hai, which was shot in Rothang Pass. The mesmerizing beauty will undoubtedly make you visit this location once. 


This movie is considered one of the best movies by Ranbir Kapoor. Not only the songs but also the visuals and storyline of the movie will also melt your heart. Barfi is a mute and deaf boy whose life starts at Darjeeling hill station. The quaint landscapes, broad tea gardens, mountains, green forests, and charming villages have played an incredible part in enhancing the beauty of this movie. Later, the plot of the movie shifts to Kolkata where you can get to see the amazing beauty and hospitality of the City of Joy. The stunning locations will motivate you to go abroad and pursue your higher education. 

These are the Bollywood films you should watch before studying abroad. Do you have any other queries? Make sure you share your opinions in the comments section below. 

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