Tricks and Tips for a Hassle-Free Holi!

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Tricks and Tips for a Hassle-Free Holi!

Holi, the festival of colours, is among the most celebrated festivals globally. However, Holi is not only an enjoyable festival but is also a major concern for many. Holi is among the best festivals you may experience in India as it fills your day with the vibe, feeling, dancing, and, most importantly, colours. If you are visiting India during March, Holi playing Holi is a must. Even Jimmy Fallon has Felt it! However, there are some pointers you must note down for a hassle-free Holi. To help you with this, here are some tricks and tips for a hassle-free Holi. Keep Reading!! 

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Tricks and Tips for a Hassle-Free Holi

Here are some tricks and tips for a hassle-free Holi;

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Find People

One of the most important things is to find people to celebrate Holi with, as Holi is a festival of colours and collaboration. Thus you must first find friends and relatives to celebrate and enjoy the festival of Holi with.  Many people refer to Holi as a festival that not only offers a family gathering but helps you to interact with people around you. The heritage and culture of India make you feel and be in the moment. 

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Avoid Crowded Places

One of the major concerns is to play Holi safely; thus, to avoid havoc, you must avoid visiting far too crowded places. Indians mostly prefer celebrating Holi at the birthplace of Krishna i.e. Mathura. Being a holy city, Mathura or Vrindavan celebrates the eternal love of Krishna and Radha. Thus it offers a wonderful experience. However, playing a safe Holi and avoiding visiting such places is highly advised. Every year people are killed in fights happening in crowded places. If you are a woman, it is highly advised to check this point as sometimes people take advantage of this situation to commit crimes. 

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Wear Old Clothes and Cover Up

Who wants to spoil new clothes?? If you ask for tips and tricks for a hassle-free Holi from Indians, then the first thing any Indian would suggest is to wear dark or old clothes as all these clothes are going to get coloured with a variety of colours. However, it is a trend to wear white kurta’s on Holi so that it would display the colours of Holi. The alternative to this trend is to wear an old kurta on Holi, and you will not regret your decision to throw your kurta in the dustbin. At last, enjoy the festival of Holi, but don’t spoil your wardrobe!

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Cover your eyes

It is quite normal to experience a rain of colours. Although it feels amazing to experience such an environment, these colours create havoc by entering the eyes, nose, hairs, ears, and mouth. Many shopkeepers sell natural Gulaal or Colours, but few sell cheap chemical powder as Gulaal. Thus it is necessary to prevent any unwanted situation where this festival of colours harms you. Further, numerous cases exist where people are sold acidic Gulaals as natural gulaals. It is highly advised to buy herbal gulaals from a reliable source.  

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Boys will Touch you…but Not in that Way

To wish you Holi, people are supposed to touch you to apply Gulaal or colour on your face. However, do not let anyone touch you in another way. Many times boys will touch you, but not in a good way. Although Holi is a festival of colours, you cannot deny that it has been unsafe for women as most boys think they get a free pass to touch a woman any way they want to. If that happens, feel free to call the cop. The majority of crimes happen at Holi, so don’t let that happen to you. 

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How do you explain Holi to a child?

This age-old custom celebrates the end of winter and the victory of good over evil. Bonfires are lit, gulaal, a colourful powder, is thrown, sweets are consumed, and folk dances are performed. During the celebrations, a man douses the crowd with red powder while decked out in the vibrant colours of Holi.

How to celebrate Holi at home?

Hold your own Holi if you have access to a decent outdoor area, can order some vibrant paint powders online, and have some water pistols lying around. Play some music, and you and your bubble-mates can dance around the garden.

How can I get Holi ready?

First things first, when playing Holi, stay away from synthetic colours and use organic colours and gulaal instead. When it comes to skincare, begin by putting on a thick layer of moisturiser the day before. You can do this just before bed. Remember to moisturise your skin liberally before going out to celebrate Holi.

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