Quiz on Holi: 25 Holi GK Quiz Questions with Answers 

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Quiz on Holi 25 Holi GK Quiz Questions with Answers

Holi is a joyous festival that is celebrated across India and in some other countries with great zeal. On this day, people wear new clothes, apply gulal on each other, eat traditional Indian sweets, and create memories to cherish in the journey we call life. Although associated with different legends, Holi is generally observed to celebrate the victory of good over evil. As the festival is around the corner, schools and colleges are gearing up to organize to hold Holi quiz competitions. So, if you are ready to expand your knowledge, here is an interactive GK quiz on Holi.

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Quiz on Holi for Students

  1. When do we celebrate Chhoti Holi?
  1. Same day as Holi
  2. A day before Holi 
  3. A day after Holi
  1. The famous Lath Maar Holi is played at which state of India?
  1. Mathura
  2. Hampi
  3. Uttar Pradesh 
  1. When is Holi in 2024?
  1. 24 March
  2. 25 March
  3. 26 March
  1. Holi is also known as:
  1. Festival of lights
  2. Festival of colors
  3. Festival of fruits
  1. Holika was the sister of which demon king?
  1. Ravana
  2. Hiryanyakashipu
  3. Kumbhkaran 
  1. According to a popular story behind Holi, which demon was burnt on the occasion of this festival?
  1. Malika
  2. Suurpanakha
  3. Holika 
  1. Among the following options, what do people in Odisha call the festival of Holi?
  1. Dola Purnima
  2. Dhoajun Purnima
  3. Dhilhatta Purnima
  1. In South India, Holika Dahan is known as:
  1. Kama Dahanm
  2. Dolajata
  3. Phalguna 
  1. Among the following options, Holi is celebrated in which Hindu month?
  1. Baisakh
  2. Pausa
  3. Phalguna 
  1. According to a famous legend associated with Holi, Hirayankashipu’s son Prahlad was a devoted follower of which god?
  1. Lord Krishna
  2. Lord Shiva
  3. Lord Vishnu  
  1. What was the name of Hiranyakahipur’s sister?
  1. Hidimba
  2. Holika
  3. Holima 
  1. The festival of Holi marks the end of winter and the beginning of _____ season.
  1. Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Autumn
  1. Out of the following options, which Sikh festival occurs a day after Holi and involves people showcasing their strength?
  1. Maghi
  2. Bandi chor Diwas
  3. Hola Mohalla
  1. What is the primary motive for celebrating Holi?
  1. To mark the onset of summer
  2. To celebrate the victory of good over evil
  3. To mark the birth of Lord Shiva
  1. Among the following options, who is the demon king associated with a legend of Holi?
  1. Hiranyakashipu
  2. Kansa 
  3. Ravan
  1. Which avatar of Lord Vishnu is associated with a popular legend of Holika Dahan?
  1. Parashurama
  2. Vamana
  3. Narasimha 
  1. What is the correct term used to describe the holy burning of a bonfire on the occasion of Holi?
  1. Lohri
  2. Holika Dahan
  3. Makar Sankranti 
  1. The name of the traditional drink generally consumed across India on the occasion of Holi is:
  1. Thandai
  2. Chai
  3. Bhang
  1. Which dance form is performed during Holi?
  1. Bhangra
  2. Kuchipudi
  3. Raas 
  1. _____ is a Holi-inspired festival commonly celebrated in the Indian state of Gujarat and is marked by music and dance performances.
  1. Navratri
  2. Rang Utsav
  3. Deepawali 
  1. The name of the extended Holi celebrations observed in Braj, the birthplace of Lord Krishna is:
  1. Vrindavan phoolon ki holi
  2. Nandotsav
  3. Braj ki Holi 
  1. Which of the following options resonates with the idea of eco-friendly Holi celebrations?
  1. Avoiding water wastage and using organic colors 
  2. The use of water balloons and plastic containers 
  3. The use of chemical-based synthetic colors 
  1. Which temple in Vrindavan is renowned for its Holi celebrations?
  1. Banke Bihari Temple  
  2. Prem Mandir
  3. Birla Temple
  1. In Goa, Holi is an integral part of the Goan or Konkani spring festival. What is the name of this festival?
  1. Holika Dahan
  2. Sigmo
  3. Phalguni 
  1. Holi is the main festival of which religion?
  1. Buddhist
  2. Hindus
  3. Muslims

Holi Quiz Answer Key

1. 26. 311. 2 16. 321. 3
2. 37. 112. 217. 222. 1
3. 18. 113. 318. 323. 1
4. 29. 314. 219. 324. 2
5. 210. 315. 120. 225. 2

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