Best Happy Holi Wishes: 30 Wishes, SMS, and Quotes

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Best Happy Holi Wishes 30 Wishes, SMS, and Quotes

Holi, or the festival of colours, is among India’s most popularly celebrated festivals. It is celebrated on the last full moon of the lunar month of Phalguna and will be observed on 24 March 2024. On this day, people across the country apply colourful gulal on each other, dance on their favorite personalized Bollywood playlist, and eat traditional delicacies of Holi. moreover, this festival is known by different names across India such as Rang Panchami in Maharashtra, Lathmar Holi in UP, and Manjal Kuli in Kerala. To make the celebrations sweeter than ever, here are the best happy Holi wishes and quotes for your friends, family, and colleagues. 

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10 Creative Unique Holi Wishes for Friends and Colleagues

  • May your Holi celebrations be as colourful as the colours of gulal and as sweet as a box of Holi special gujiya. Happy Holi my dear friend.
  • On this Holi, let the colours and auspiciousness of this festival fill your life with peace and happiness. Happy Holi, buddy!
  • As we apply the colours of Holi to each other, let us also splash kindness, friendship, compassion, and happiness in each other’s lives.  
  • May this joyous occasion of Holi fill your life with the most vibrant colours and lips-smacking delicacies all year long. 
  • Let the grand celebrations of Holi paint the canvas of your life with vibrant hues of happiness, pure joy, and success.
  • May this festival of colours illuminate your path and fill your journey of life with joy, immense success, and good health. 
  • Wishing my best friend a Holi full of colours, new adventures, sweet memories, and moments to cherish forever. 
  • Thanking god for blessing me with a best friend like you. Sending you and your family warm wishes, blessings, and tons of happiness all year round. 
  • May god bless you and your family with a colourful and musical Holi full of sweetness and memories to cherish forever. 
  • Thanking god for blessing me with a friend like you who fills my life with great happiness. May the festival of colors bring good fortune to you and your family.

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Greetings and Messages for Holi Festival for Family 

  • On this occasion of Holi, let’s paint each other’s lives with the true colours of love and happiness. Happy Holi my dear family. 
  • Wishing my dear family a Holi full of laughter, sweet delicacies, vibrant colours, and cherished memories.
  • May the colours of Holi make our lives beautiful and strengthen our bonds to make them stronger than ever. Happy Holi my beautiful family. 
  • May this festival of colours bless my family and friends with an abundance of good fortune, health, happiness, and prosperity.
  • As we celebrate this festival of colours, may god bless us with moments to celebrate the beauty and strength of our bonds till the very last breath. Happy Holi fam. 
  • May this joyous occasion of Holi bless us with everlasting bonds and colours of everlasting love. Happy Holi to my dear family.
  • On this festival of colours, let’s rejoice in the company of our dear family and create beautiful memories together. Happy Holi to all my dear family members! 
  • May the bright colours of Holi fill our home with the hues of love and happiness. Wishing all family members a beautiful Holi. 
  • Wishing a Holi as cheerful and sweet as my lovely family members. Let the festivities begin. 
  • As we drench each other in the colourful splashes of Holi, let’s also soak in some love that binds our family. Happy Holi my dear family members.

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10 Funny Holi Quotes

Here are some Holi Quotes:

This Holi, my only aim is to paint a rainbow on you with the vibrant colours of gulal. If you see a colourful mess, blame my poor aim. Anyways, happy Holi my dear friends.

Happy Holi 2024
Holi Greetings

This Holi, the temporary colours of gulal on your face might make you look like a baboon, but the stain of good memories will remain forever. Happy staining!

On this festival of colours, I am all set to wear old clothes, dodge water balloons, and practice my aim to splash others with my goodness. 

Holi wishes

Holi is the only time of the year when I don’t mind other people throwing water balloons at me as I have bigger plans to splash them with a bucket of water. 

This Holi I will embrace my inner Picasso and turn everyone and everything into a fantastic masterpiece.

Holika Dahan
Holi colours

The occasion of Holi is the perfect opportunity to transform yourself into a canvas and paint in the colours of your loved ones. 

Holi is one of those days when you can be messy, eat your favourite delicacies guilt-free, and spend time with your loved ones while creating new memories. 

Holi wishes

Playing Holi once a year is like a software update of life, it keeps on making our lives better by making it more fun.  

If cleanliness is godliness, then I must be the devil this Holi. 

Holi wishes

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How do you wish someone a happy Holi?

You can send them a heartfelt message that contains your warm wishes such as, “May your Holi celebrations be as colourful as the colours of gulal and as sweet as a box of Holi special gujiya”.

What is a good line for Holi?

Sending the right message of Holi to your friends, family, or colleagues can be tricky. Luckily, you have tons of amazing options such as, “ Let the grand celebrations of Holi paint the canvas of your life with vibrant hues of happiness, pure joy, and success”.

How to make Holi wishes?

There is a wide range of options available to greet your friends, family, and colleagues at this festival of colours. You can go ahead with something, “May your year ahead bring fortune and happiness every day to make your life as colourful as Holi”.

These were some Holi wishes and Holi quotes that you can use to greet your near and dear ones. For more information about such informative articles, check the trending events page of Leverage Edu.

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