Gaganyaan Mission 2023: ISRO Successfully Lifts Off the First Test Flight After a Brief Pause

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Gaganyaan Mission 2023

ISRO’s chief S. Somanath congratulates the entire team of the Gaganyaan Mission Launch on the successful testing of the TV-D1 flight. The countdown of the first Flight Test of the Gaganyaan Mission was successfully tested by ISRO this morning at 10 a.m. Due to some ‘anomaly’, the mission was halted for some minutes, but ISRO managed to successfully conduct the flight test within the scheduled time.

“I am very happy to announce the successful accomplishment of the TV-D1 (Test Vehicle Demonstration 1) mission,” S Somanath, (ISRO’s Chairman) on the successful testing of the first Gaganyaan Test Flight.

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The successful testing of the TV-D1 flight by ISRO was a historic event which will mark India’s first crew mission in zero gravity. Read more to learn about the Gaganyaan Mission Launch 2023.

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Gaganyaan Mission Launch 2023 Live Updates

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In less than 100 seconds, the Gaganyaan Mission test flight reached an altitude of 17 Km above sea level, proving the capability of the LVM3 and its Orbital Module, which will ensure its safety throughout the entire journey.

The test was successful in all aspects and the crew escape module successfully touched the Indian seas in the Bay of Bengal. This mission will prove India’s capability to carry a self-crewed mission into space on a Low Earth Orbit of 400km. The Gaganyaan-1 will be a 3-day mission. It’s

The Gaganyaan mission launch aims to send humans into space on a Low Earth Orbit of 400km for a three-day mission and bring them safely back to Earth. Gaganyaan Orbital Module, consisting of Crew Module (CM) and Service Module (SM), will ensure the safe return of both spacecraft and the 3-member Indian crew.

About Gaganyaan

Gaganyaan, the first Indian-crewed orbital mission, aims to send a crew of 3 into the Low Earth Orbit of 400 km. This 3-day mission was planned with a total budget of INR 90 Billion. to ensure the safety of the crew and the spacecraft, ISRO has used the Human-rated version of LVM3 and the Orbital Module, which includes the Crewed Module (CM) and Service Module (SM). Moreover, S. Somanath confirmed that if anything goes off the plan, then the crew will be safely moved to a distance of at least 2 km from the danger or exploding rocket.

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Source – CNN-News12 (YouTube)


When was the Gaganyaan Mission tested?

The first Flight Test of the Gaganyaan Mission was successfully tested by ISRO on 21st October 2023 at its Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SHAR) here in Sriharikota.

How many humans will the Gaganyaan Mission carry?

The Gaganyaan will carry a crew of 3 to the upper orbital area of the Earth, which extends up to a height of 400 km.

What is so special about the Gaganyaan Mission?

Gaganyaan will be the first Indian crewed orbital mission which is solely developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

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