International Youth Day 2023

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International Youth Day

The responsibility of the country and the nation lies on the shoulders of the youth of the country. As developing individuals, youth possess the potential, creativity, and capacity to bring change to the world through their modern and innovative way of thinking. To celebrate the youth of the nation and to discuss issues associated with their community, International Youth Day is celebrated. International Youth Day 2023 will be celebrated on 12 August. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), is the authoritative body that works for the youth of the nation and participates in the overall development of their societies.

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The idea of International Youth Day was proposed in the year 1991 at the World youth forum of the UN. It is basically celebrated to acknowledge the role of youth in the development of the Nation. 

The UN General Assembly accepted the request made by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth (Lisbon, 8-12 August 1998) that 12 August will be designated as International Youth Day in its resolution 54/120 on 17 December 1999.

Social innovation and change is the driving force for the development of the nation. The youth of the nation thinks out of the box and their thinking and innovative imagination should be used for the betterment of the nation. UNESCO works for the development of youth in every sector and eradicates poverty and inequality so that the nation could walk towards a culture of peace. 

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International Youth Day 2023 Theme

International Youth Day 2023

Every year, a particular theme is decided for celebrating and focusing on International Youth Day. UNESCO focuses majorly on illiteracy, poverty, and child labor. In addition, it also works for the opportunities for the development of the youth community. International Youth Day emphasizes the difficulties faced by youth throughout the world. Children aged between 6-13 years still lack basic reading skills and writing skills.

Thus, this day is dedicated to discussing and working for the betterment of the youth community across the globe. 

The theme for International Youth Day 2023 is “Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World”. The day will concentrate on green skills for youth, showcasing global and national efforts, debating pertinent possibilities and problems, and providing futuristic policy suggestions.

Key Features of International Youth Day 2023 Theme

The globe is currently undergoing a green shift. The transition to a more ecologically sustainable and climate-friendly society is crucial not just for addressing the global climate problem, but also for meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The development of green skills in people will be critical to a successful transition to a greener world. Green jobs are defined as “the abilities, knowledge, attitudes, and values necessary to resist in, develop, and support a resource-efficient and sustainable society.”

The theme for this year International Youth Day has the following key features:

  • Green skills include the technical knowledge and ability of an individual to use green technologies in the workplace.
  • Green skills are the skills for the future as well as skills for green jobs.
  • The significance of green skills is that it is relevant for people belonging to diverse age groups. 
  • Its importance is more in youth as they could contribute to the green transition for a longer duration. 

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Point of Discussion

This year also DESA will organize the International Youth Day. It will conduct a global webinar in association with the UN Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth and Generation Unlimited. 

This webinar will emphasize essential data and information on green skills. It will encourage discussion of ideas on green skills for the future generation.

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International Youth Day 2023 Quotes

Mentioned below are some quotes on International Youth Day:

  •  “Dream, Dream, Dream. Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action.” – APJ Abdul Kalam “Dream, Dream, Dream. Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action.” – APJ Abdul Kalam
  •  “You are only young once, and if you work it right, once is enough.” – Joe Lewis
  •  “The duty of the youth is to change corruption.” – Aristotle
  • “Good habits formed in youth make all difference.”- Aristotle
  • “That’s where the future lies, in the youth of today.”-Willie Stargell

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Q.1. When is International Youth Day celebrated?

Ans: Every year the world celebrates International Youth Day on 12 August. This year also, International youth day would be celebrated on 12 August 2023 on Saturday.

Q.2. Why do we celebrate International Youth Day?

Ans: IYD is celebrated to discuss and focus on problems related to the development of the youth community. As the youth of the nation are the building blocks emphasizing their issues related to illiteracy, poverty, lack of work, lack of skills, etc is very important. So, this day is dedicated to focusing on such issues.

Q.3. When was International Youth Day started?

Ans: IYD is basically an awareness day designated by the UN. UNESCO works for the IYD. The idea of IYD was presented by a group of youth assembled in Vienna, Austria in 1991, for the inaugural session of the United Nations System’s World Youth Forum.

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