Gaganyaan Mission 2023: How Many Astronauts Are Onboard?

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How many astronauts will onboard the Gaganyaan

Gaganyaan Mission 2023 is the most awaited space mission of India. This mission was about to launch in 2021, but due to the pandemic it got delayed and now finally the entire world will witness the launch of the Gaganyaan test vehicle. It is a manned vehicle that will carry crew members to orbit and return them back safely to Earth. The training of the crew members is held in an astronaut training facility located in Bengaluru. You might wonder about how many astronauts will onboard the Gaganyaan. Here in this article, you will get to know about the Gaganyaan mission and how many astronauts will onboard the Gaganyaan!

How many astronauts will onboard the Gaganyaan
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How Many Astronauts will Onboard the Gaganyaan Mission?

Three crew members will onboard the Gaganyaan Mission. The astronauts are given special Gagayan mission training with 218 lectures and 75 physical training sessions. 

Along with the medical and course evaluation the astronauts selected for the Gaganyaan mission have also undergone 12 hours of flying training.

The Crew training facility imparts physical training, classroom training, flight sit training, and simulator training. 

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Modules Covered Under the Astronaut Training are listed below:

  1. Academic courses
  2. Gaganyaan Flight Systems
  3. Micro-gravity familiarization through Parabolic Flights
  4. Aero-medical training
  5. Recovery and survival training
  6. Mastering of Flight Procedures
  7. Training on Crew Training Simulators
  8. Aeromedical training
  9. Periodical flying practice
  10. Yoga 

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Who Are the Astronauts Selected for Gaganyaan?

Indian Air Force Test Pilots are selected for the Gaganyaan Mission. They have been given extensive training to make this mission a successful one. Out of many IAF pilots, only 4 got selected, and they were sent for a one-year training course in Russia’s Zvyozdny Gorodok City near Moscow. They were also trained at the Astronaut Training Facility in Bengaluru. 

The 4 candidates selected for the Gaganyaan Mission include a Group Captain and 3 Wing Commanders.

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Source: Indian Air Force


How many astronauts will go in Gaganyaan?

The Gaganyaan manned spacecraft which is destined to launch on 21 October 2023 from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR, Sriharikota will carry 3 astronauts to space to an orbit of 400 km and bring them to Earth.

Which people will go in Gaganyaan?

ISRO has conducted training sessions for astronauts who will be going into the space in Gagayaan space vehicle. Crew training is established in Bengaluru. The Indian Air Force (IAF) test pilots are selected to go to Gaganyaan and they have been undergoing the Gaganyaan mission-specific training under ISRO and the Indian Institute of Science Faculty. 

Which rocket will be used in Gaganyaan?

The rocket used for the launch of Gaganyaan is LVM3. It is one of the most reliable rockets of ISRO consisting of solid, liquid, and cryogenic stages. The human-rated LVM3 will launch the Orbital Module in the Low Earth Orbit of 400 Km.

What is the maximum crew capacity of Gaganyaan?

Gaganyaan spacecraft is designed to take 3 crew members to an orbit of 400 km and bring them back safely to Earth at the Indian seas. 

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