Gaganyaan Mission Launch Date: List of All Test Flights

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Gaganyaan Mission launch date

Gaganyaan Mission launch date is 21st October 2023 at 0800 hrs from the First launchpad at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC)-SHAR in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. ISRO on its Twitter (X) handle mentioned that the registration of students and other public for the Ganayaan Mission launch date will start on 17th October 2023 at https://lvg.shar.gov.in/VSCREGISTRATION/index.jsp.

This test flight will be the first of its series, in which all the stages of launching the spacecraft will be tested. This flight test will most likely be successful because of its launch vehicle and the Orbital Module. Read more to learn about the Gaganyaan Mission launch date.

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Source – ISRO (X)

Gaganyaan Launch Date

Because of the COVID pandemic, there was a delay in the development and testing of the Gaganyaan mission, However, the Gaganyaan, the Indian crewed orbital spacecraft will be launched on 21st October 2023. The Indian Space Research Organisation will launch two unmanned missions in advance for the Gaganyaaan orbital mission; TV-D1 and TV-D2.

ISRO is all set to launch the test flight TV-D1 on 21st October 2023 from the First launchpad at SDSC-SHAR. The second test flight, TV-D2 will be launched in early 2024.

Source – ISRO

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Gaganyaan Mission Pre-requisites

The officials of the Indian Space Research Organisation announced on 11th June 2020 that the developments and testing of India’s first uncrewed Gaganyaan mission will be delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The then ISRO Chairman, S. Somanath announced that in the Gaganyaan testing will start in late 2024.

According to the goals of the Gaganyaan mission, this human crewed mission will launch into a 400 km orbit and will return the Crew Module and the crew safely to the Indian waters/ seas as a showcase of India’s human spaceflight capability. Thanks to the advancement in technology, like the Human-rated LVM3, which is capable of carrying a heavy load and ensures the safety of the crew.

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What is the Gaganyaan Mission launch date?

The Gaganyaan Mission launch date is 21st October 2023 from SDSC-SHAR.

How many test flights will be conducted for the Gaganyaan Mission?

A total of two test flights will be conducted before experimenting with the final Gaganyaan Mission, which will carry a crew of 3 up to an orbit of 400 km. the names of these two test flights are TV-D1 and TV-D2.

How to register for the Gaganyaan launch date?

The Gaganyaan launch vehicle date started on 17th October 2023. Students and other people who want to view the test flight can register at https://lvg.shar.gov.in/VSCREGISTRATION/index.jsp.

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