Today’s News in English: Check out the School Assembly News Headlines for 27 May 2024

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27 May School Assembly News Headlines

School Assembly News Headlines for 27 May 2024: School Assembly News Headlines provide students with a comprehensive learning experience of news in English for 27 May 2024. Exploring national news headlines in English, international news and sports news helps students deliver impactful updates at the assembly while staying informed about important events in India and around the world. It also provides a valuable chance to engage with the thought for the day and recognise world important day. 

National News Headlines in English for 27 May 2024

Stay updated with national news headlines in English. Learn about various sectors’ happenings in our country:

1. Anantnag-Rajouri Records Highest Voter Turnout in 35 Years: The sixth phase of Lok Sabha elections saw Anantnag-Rajouri Constituency achieve a 51.35% voter turnout, the highest since 1989. All three Kashmir Valley constituencies, including Srinagar and Baramulla, recorded their highest turnouts in decades.

2. Tragic Fire at Delhi Hospital Claims Seven Newborns: A devastating fire at New Born Baby Care Hospital in Delhi’s Vivek Vihar killed seven newborns late Saturday. Earlier that day, a fire at a Gujarat gaming zone left 27 dead, including nine children. Sixteen fire tenders responded swiftly to the Delhi blaze.

3. India’s Food Safety Body Bans Sale of Human Milk: India’s top food safety authority has directed all states to halt licences for selling or processing human milk. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) warned against commercialising human milk, threatening punitive action for violations.

4. IGNCA and Prasar Bharati Collaborate to Showcase Cultural Programmes on DD Bharati: IGNCA and Prasar Bharati collaborate to showcase cultural programs on DD Bharati every Sunday. Dr. Sachchidanand Joshi, IGNCA’s Member Secretary, aims to highlight India’s rich culture, reaching the masses through this initiative.

5. Vice Admiral Gurcharan Singh Assumes Command at National Defence Academy: Vice Admiral Gurcharan Singh took over as Commandant of the National Defence Academy in Pune from Vice Admiral Ajay Kocchar on Saturday. Singh, an NDA alumnus, joined the Indian Navy in 1990.

6. Severe Cyclone Remal Makes Landfall: Over 100,000 Evacuated: The Met department reports Remal’s landfall, 30 km from the coastline, with winds reaching 110-120 kmph. West Bengal government evacuates over one lakh people to cyclone shelters.

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International News in English for 27 May 2024

Explore global stories through international news in English. Discover updates from different countries:

1. Zelensky Invites Biden and Xi to Peace Summit: Ukrainian President Zelensky urges US President Biden and Chinese leader Xi to join a peace summit in Switzerland to help stop Russia’s relentless attacks.

2. Landslide Devastates Papua New Guinea Village: Emergency teams in Papua New Guinea recovered three more bodies from a massive landslide, bringing the death toll to five. The UN warns it may rise as hundreds remain trapped, and tribal violence complicates recovery efforts.

3. Longest-Serving Flight Attendant Bette Nash Passes Away at 88: Bette Nash, the world’s longest-serving flight attendant, passed away at 88. She served American Airlines for nearly 67 years before her recent death due to breast cancer.

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Sports News in English for 27 May 2024

Get the latest sports news in English and follow your favourite sports event.

1. PV Sindhu Falls to Wang Zhi Yi in Malaysia Masters Final: Today at the Malaysia Masters in Kuala Lumpur, PV Sindhu was defeated by China’s Wang Zhi Yi in the summit clash. Despite winning the first game, Sindhu couldn’t hold off Wang’s remarkable comeback.

2. India’s Men’s and Women’s Hockey Teams Lose to Belgium: In the FIH Pro Hockey League in Antwerp, both Indian teams fell to Belgium. The men’s team lost in a shootout after a 2-2 draw, while the women’s team suffered a 1-2 defeat. The league’s European leg continues in London next month.

3. KKR Clinches Third IPL Title with Dominant Victory: In the 2024 final, KKR defeated SRH by eight wickets in a chase of 113, securing their third IPL title. Venkatesh Iyer and Rahmanullah Gurbaz led KKR to victory with a partnership of 91 runs.

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Today’s Entertainment News in English 

Today’s entertainment news offers students a colourful mix of movies, music, and celebrity happenings.

1. Indian Filmmaker Payal Kapadia Wins Grand Prix at Cannes: Indian filmmaker Payal Kapadia’s “All We Imagine As Light” won the Grand Prix at the 77th Cannes Film Festival. This is the first Jury award for India at Cannes since 1983 when Mrinal Sen’s “Kharij” won.

2. Lily Gladstone Makes History as First Native American Woman Oscar Nominee: Lily Gladstone, star of “Killers of the Flower Moon,” shares that her tribe, Blackfeet Nation in Montana, wasn’t upset when she didn’t bring home the best actress Oscar trophy. She made history as the first Native American woman nominated in the leading role category.

3. Controversy Surrounds Unrecognizable Portrait of Princess Catherine: A portrait claiming to be Princess Catherine’s, painted by a British Zambian artist, lacks resemblance and draws criticism. Featured on Tatler magazine’s cover, it portrays her in a white gown and tiara.

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Thought for the Day for Students

Start your day with an inspirational thought for the day for students. Believe in yourself and prepare to face challenges:

School Assembly News Headlines for 24 may

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Word of the Day 

Let us learn a new word of the day to improve your vocabulary and language skills:

Word Meaning Sentence 
Chicanery (Noun)The use of trickery to achieve
a political, financial, or legal purpose.
The politician’s chicanery was exposed when evidence of bribery and corruption emerged during the investigation.
Conundrum (Noun)A confusing and difficult
problem or question.
Solving the conundrum of how to allocate the limited resources proved to be a challenge for the team.
Capricious (Adjective)Given to sudden and unaccountable changes of
mood or behaviour.
Her capricious nature made it hard for her friends to predict how she would react in different situations.
Clandestine (Adjective)Done secretively, especially
They held clandestine meetings in the abandoned warehouse to plan their illegal activities.
Cacophony (Noun)A harsh, discordant mixture
of sounds.
The cacophony of car horns outside made it difficult to concentrate on my studies.

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World Important Day on 27 May 2024 

Understand the significance of World Important Day and learn how to make a difference:

1. Bismarck Sinks HMS Hood in Battle (1941)

German battleship Bismarck destroys British HMS Hood, killing over 1,400 sailors. The loss marks a significant setback for the Royal Navy in World War II.

2. Golden Gate Bridge Opens in San Francisco (1937)

The famous Golden Gate Bridge officially opens, connecting San Francisco to Marin County. Its distinctive orange colour becomes a symbol of the city.

3. Saint Petersburg Founded by Peter the Great (1703)

Tsar Peter the Great lays the foundation for Saint Petersburg, transforming it into Russia’s cultural and political centre and a key European port city.

4. Tornado Strikes St. Louis, Missouri (1896)

A powerful tornado strikes St. Louis, causing widespread damage and claiming many lives. It remains one of the deadliest tornadoes in US history.

5. Tsunami Devastates Japan’s Honshu Island (1703)

A massive tsunami strikes Japan’s Honshu Island, resulting in significant loss of life and extensive damage to coastal communities.

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