Write A Letter To Your Friend About A Journey Experience: Samples & Format 

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Letter To Your Friend About A Journey Experience

Writing a letter to your friend about a journey experience can be a great way to share your memorable experiences. School students are often assigned such topics, where they can express their thoughts and experiences on a particular topic. Let’s discuss some samples of this letter, which will surely help you with your letter-writing skills. 

Sample-1: Letter To Your Friend About A Journey Experience

H.No. 14/B,
White Lily Residency
Sonipat, Haryana-131001

26th April 2024

Dear Mohan,
I hope this letter finds you in excellent health and that all members of your family are doing well. I got the opportunity to travel solo last week and would like to share my experience with you. I’ve always wanted to go on a solo journey, which I turned into a reality. My three-day solo journey to Jaipur turned out to be one of my most memorable travel experiences to date.

I set out on the journey late at night on a bus. My first experience travelling alone on a bus was amazing and thrilling. Away from the hustle and bustle of the day, there is a dark sky, empty roads, and an abundance of calm. I arrived in Jaipur late in the morning, checked into my hotel, and then took an hour’s nap. I then set out on a journey to explore the pink city. I hired a local guide who helped me explore the most beautiful places and experience the culture of the city. I arrived back by Thursday night. Overall, it was a wonderful experience.

I strongly advise that you take a solo trip as well. You will have the most incredible experience of your life and learn to value your moments of solitude even more. I am planning to visit you next month. Please give my respects to Aunty and Uncle. See you soon!

Your loving friend,

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Sample-2: Write A Letter To Your Friend About A Journey Experience

E-48, 3rd Floor
Shreshtha Vihar,
Delhi- 110092

26th April, 2024

Dear Mihika,
I hope everything is well for you and your family. It’s been a long time since we last met, and I’d like to share something new with you. My family and I had been planning a train journey to Kerala for months, and we finally took the trip. While the city of Kerala is undoubtedly lovely and, at times referred to as God’s own country, the journey there was much more breathtaking.

My family and I travelled to Kerala by train, passing through several cities along the route. The scenery and views we saw along the way were captivating. The cities, rivers and lakes, waterfalls, and scenic views of the valley made our journey worthwhile. 

A few local vocalists were seated next to us on the train, captivating us with their beautiful songs and amazing instrument playing. We travelled to Kerala and spent time discovering the city, its beaches, and its culture. Even though I hold a special place in my heart for this place, the journey to get there was even more incredible.

Please let me know when you will be free so that we can schedule a trip together. And without a doubt, we shall embark on our journey from the train. I am assured you will enjoy it. Hoping to see you soon. Until then, Take care, my friend!

Your loving,

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Format Of Writing A Letter To Your Friend About A Journey Experience.

Recipient’s Address

Dear (Recipient’s name),


Start the introduction with a warm greeting, asking about their well-being.

Describe the details of the journey. Share about the locations you visited during your journey, places you saw, the activities you did and the memorable experiences that you had during the journey. 

Affectionately end the letter. Use the words like ‘See you soon’ or ‘Take care of yourself’ to show your concern about their well-being.

When closing the letter, use a kind salutation, such as ‘Yours Sincerely’, ‘Truly Yours’, etc.

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Q.1 What should I include in my letter about the Journey?

A.1 You should share the experiences you had on your way to your destination. You can elaborate on the details as much as you want.
You can also include details about the spots you visited and the activities you did during your trip. 

Q.2 What should the introductory paragraph include?

A.2 The introductory paragraph should include statements like ‘I hope you are doing well’ and asking about the well-being of their family. This paragraph should include a small introduction on the subject you are going to write about before you go into more detail.

Q.3 Why is sharing about your experience with your friend important?

A.3 Sharing your experience with a friend, especially the one who lives far away makes them included and important. It can make your bond strong as well.

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We hope the above-listed sample letters will improve your letter-writing skills. For more such interesting topics, visit our Letter Writing page and follow Leverage Edu

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