Top Reasons to Pursue Commerce After CBSE Board Result 2023

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Top Reasons to Pursue Commerce After CBSE Board Result 2023

One of the most critical and important decisions that students must make after the CBSE board results in 2023 is selecting a career option because it determines the direction their entire careers will go. Whether it is science, business, or the humanities, each stream has a unique set of course options and a wide range of potential careers. Through this blog, we will give you a roadmap and valid reasons for choosing and pursuing Commerce after CBSE Board Result 2023.

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How to Choose the Right Course After CBSE Board Result 2023

Students can more easily focus on the area they want to delve into by being aware of the various possibilities accessible. There are numerous alternatives and possibilities available. Students will be able to land their dream job if they develop the necessary skill set. Here are the simple steps that students need to follow in order to pursue commerce after the CBSE board result 2023:

  • Find a course that fits your interests by identifying them.
  • Verify the course offerings and topics.
  • Check the best course’s eligibility, cost, curriculum, and duration.

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Reasons to Pursue Commerce after CBSE Board Result 2023

  • One acquires the ability to live within their means. A pupil gains knowledge about managing their funds. 
  • Choosing the Commerce stream helps students understand the meaning and importance of terms like investments, finances, budgets, loans, and tax savings, to name a few.
  • Additionally, commerce enables students to comprehend what exactly economic dynamism in the real world entails.
  • The enterprises and the distribution channel are both directly and indirectly tied to commerce. A proper distribution route is created with the aid of the commerce stream, and various goods enjoy a market surplus.
  • Commerce plays a vital role in the economic development of the country.
  • Following the Commerce stream, there are several clearly defined career options, including Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, Business Management, Cost Accounting, etc. In order to reach their future goals and have a successful career, it is advised for students to initially enrol in a degree programme in along with computer education after completing their 10+2 requirements.
  • Students who enjoy working with numbers and who want to pursue careers in finance, economics, or business (corporate) should consider enrolling in the commerce programme.
  • For students studying commerce, Chartered Accountancy, or CA, is another attractive career option. An effective chartered accountant has the option to launch their own firm in addition to receiving benefits for private practice from chartered accounting. 
  • Every nation now relies on commerce and education as its foundation. The state of commerce in each unique nation is related to the rate of growth and the standard of living of the populace. No country can advance without the expansion of commerce. People’s needs are not limited to purchasing products made in their own country. They also want products made in other countries. 

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Commerce Course Options after CBSE Board Result 2023 

There are multiple course options available for the students from commerce stream. Let’s take a look at the course options available for students after the CBSE Board result 2023:

  1. B.Com (Hons)
  2. B.A. (Hons) Business Economics
  3. B.Com (with specialization in Business Economics)
  4. B.A. Economics
  5. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  6. BAF (Bachelor of Accounting and Finance)
  7. BFM (Bachelor of Financial Markets)
  8. BBI (Bachelor in Banking and Insurance)
  9. ICWAI (Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India)
  10. B.Sc (Statistics)
  11. BIBF (Bachelor of International Business and Finance)
  12. BSc. Applied Mathematics
  13. Company Secretary
  14. BBS. (Bachelor in Business Studies)
  15. BMS (Bachelor in Management Studies)

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Q.1. Why should I choose commerce after the 10th?

Ans: Choosing commerce opens a wide range of career options for students as it has been proven that successful business practices have a significant impact on a nation’s economic growth.

Q.2. Who should choose commerce after the 10th?

Ans: Students who have an interest in finances, or accounting, or who are aspiring to become an investment banker, financial advisor, and company secretary should choose commerce after the 10th.

Q.3. What are the most important elements in the commerce stream?

Ans: Accounting and taxation are the most important elements in the commerce stream.

The most alluring aspect is the variety of employment opportunities that the commerce stream provides to students. People who want to work in financial management, want to work as investment bankers, or in the banking industry should definitely choose the commerce stream. We hope this blog has given you enough reasons to pursue commerce after the CBSE board results in 2023.

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