Creative Holiday Homework for Class 5 All Subjects: Check Ideas Here!

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Holiday Homework for Class 5 All Subjects

Holiday homework for class 5 all subjects: Holidays are breaks for peers. Before you jump into all the fun, we have some exciting learning adventures planned for your holidays. This holiday homework for class 5 all subjects covers all important subjects such as English, mathematics, science, and social science. So grab your pencils, pens, crayons, and curiosity, and be ready to explore, solve, and create while you have a blast. 

1. English (Grammar & Writing)

Question 1: Choose the correct tense for the following sentences (present simple/past or past simple):

a) i) I _____ (eat) breakfast every morning.    
ii) We _____ (visit) our grandparents last summer.

(b) Use the following conjunctions in sentences: but, and, because, or. 

(c) Write a short paragraph (5-7 sentences) describing your favourite toy.

(d) Make a list of 10 common verbs and write their present participle and past participle forms.

(e) Write a short story with a title (80–100 words) based on a picture in a newspaper or magazine.

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2. Mathematics (Numbers & Operations)

Question 2: Solve the following questions:

(a) Write the following numbers in expanded form: 4321, 7008.

(b) Solve the following word problems involving addition and subtraction. (One each)

(c) Round off the following numbers to the nearest ten: 437, 289. 8346 and 2734. 

(d) Calculate the area and perimeter of a rectangle with a length of 8 cm and a breadth of 5 cm. (Area = length x breadth, Perimeter = 2(length + breadth))

(e) Write the multiples of 7 up to 49. 

3. Science (Living Things & their surroundings)

Holiday Homework for Class 5 All Subjects
Figure: 3. a

Question 3: Label the diagram and answer the following questions:

(a)  Label the different parts of a plant (Figure: 3. a).

(b) Differentiate between carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores with examples. (3 for each)

(c) Write a short note on the importance of saving trees. (5-7 sentences)

(d) List 4 ways to conserve water in our daily lives.

(e) Name two plants that reproduce by stem cuttings.

4. Social Studies (History & Geography)

Question 4: Write the answers of the following: 

(a) Name the seven continents of the world.

(b)  Write a short note on any two important historical monuments in India. (3-4 sentences each)

(c)  Differentiate between a map and a globe. 

(d)  Mark the following on a blank map of India: Four cardinal directions, the states and their capital cities 
(e) Name the neighbouring countries of India in the given picture below (figure: 4. e):
Holiday Homework for Class 5 All Subjects
Figure: 4. e

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5. Environmental Studies (Environmental Awareness & Health)

Question 5: Write the answer to the following questions: 

(a) List 3 ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste. 

(b) Write a short note on the importance of cleanliness (5-7 sentences).

(c) Draw a well-labelled diagram of a balanced diet.

(d) Mention 4 good habits that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.  

(e) List 5 sources of air pollution.
Figure: 5

6. General Knowledge 

Question 6. Answer in one word: 

(a) Name the five colors of the Olympic rings and what they represent (briefly).

(b) What are the names of the first man and woman to walk on the moon?

(c) Who invented the telephone?

(d) What is the national currency of India?

(e) Name the capital of your state.

7. Hindi Language

Question 7: निम्लिखित प्रश्नों उत्तर लिखों: 

(a) भूतकाल, वर्तामन काल और भविष्य काल पर वाक्य बनाये | 

(b)  निम्नलिखित शब्दों के विलोम लिखिए | 

– उत्तीर्ण 
– अमृत 
– अनुकूल 
– अपना 
– अधूरा

(c)  मैंने अपनी गर्मी की छुट्टियाँ कैसे बितायी पर अनुच्छेद लिखिए  |

(d)  निम्नलिखित शब्दों के पर्यावाची लिखिए |  
– अम्बर 
– पानी 
– आग 
– आँखें 
– कमल 

(e) विज्ञान: वरदान या अभिशाप पर निबंध लिखिए | 

8. Art (Creativity & Expression)

Question 8: Show your creativity and draw-color the following:

(a) Create a greeting card for a special occasion (Birthday, Mother´s Day, or New Year.)

(b) Draw a self-portrait and label the different features of your face.

(c) Design a colorful poster promoting environmental protection. 

(d) Make a collage using recycled materials (paper, leaves, etc.) on a theme of your choice.

(e) Practice basic origami folds (e.g., paper crane, boat) and create a simple origami model.
Holiday Homework for Class 5 All Subjects
Figure: 8. e

9. Computer Science (Basic Concepts & Applications)

Question 9: Answer the following questions:

(a) Differentiate between hardware and software. 

(b) List 3 basic input devices and 3 basic output devices used with a computer. 

(c) Briefly explain the difference between the internet and a web browser. 

(d) Explain the difference between hardware and software, providing examples of each.

(e) Match the following software applications with their uses:
Word Processor  Sending Emails
Spreadsheet SoftwareCreating Documents
Email Client     Organising Data in Tables
ModemSoftware for accessing the web
Router    Device for connecting to the internet

10. Music (Rhythm & Melody)

Question 10: Explore the music corner with the following question:

(a) Learn and practice a simple song (e.g., folk song, children’s rhyme). 

(b) Identify the basic elements of music: rhythm, melody, harmony, and timbre, and give a brief explanation about them. 

(c) Differentiate between different musical notes (treble clef, optional). 

(d) Create a simple rhythm pattern using claps, taps, or body percussion.

(e) Research a famous musician and write a short paragraph about them. 

Learning and exploring subjects is a new way to enhance your thinking abilities. Growing children, if helped with the correct approach in academics, can do wonders in their age and future. 

Holiday homework for class 5 will fulfill our purpose to train the peers the same and will help not only them but also the teachers in preparing them as future academic stars.

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Q.1. How to complete holiday homework?

Ans: To complete holiday homework effectively, follow these steps:
– Make a list of all the assignments and projects you need to complete.
– Create a realistic schedule, allocating time for each task.
– Start with the most challenging or time-consuming tasks first.
– Take breaks regularly to avoid burnout and maintain focus.
– Eliminate distractions and find a quiet, comfortable workspace.
– Seek help from parents, teachers, or online resources if you get stuck.
– Review and proofread your work before submission.

Q.2. How do you make holiday homework creative?

Ans: To make holiday homework creative, follow the steps given below:
– Explore innovative ways to present your work, such as creating a video, animation, or interactive presentation.
– Incorporate your personal interests and hobbies into the assignments.
– Use mind maps, diagrams, or visuals to organize and illustrate your ideas.
– Collaborate with classmates or friends to brainstorm and share ideas.
– Experiment with different mediums, like art, music, or storytelling, to express your understanding.
– Focus on real-world applications and find creative solutions to practical problems.

Q.3. Does holiday homework matter?

Ans: Holiday homework matters because it helps incorporate personal interests and hobbies into the assignments. Further, it uses mind maps, diagrams, or visuals to organise and illustrate the ideas of the peers. 

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This was all about holiday homework for class 5 all subjects. Follow school education for more interesting topics. 

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