Leave Application for Stress: Importance, Format and Samples

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stress leave application

Stress is a common feeling in these tiring times. The challenges posed by stress can ruin our mental health if we fail to identify the causes of distress and tension in our lives. In contemporary times, our mundane work schedule drains our energy and affects our mental well-being. To avoid slipping into a bad condition, it is important that we take care of our cerebral health. As soon as you start feeling that you cannot bear the pressure of work or you are failing to strike a work-life balance, consult a therapist/psychiatrist and put in a stress leave application. Detach yourself from work and recover from this dark phase. Here is a basic guide to writing a leave application for taking time off work pressure. Apply for the leave before you are overtaxed!!

Reasons to Take Stress Leave

A stress leave becomes essential in crisis situations when a break from work can help the affected person recuperate. This leave can sometimes extend from a few days to beyond a year. If an employee is experiencing the following signs, he/she/they must request a stress leave:

  • Inability to perform one’s responsibilities
  • Deteriorating work quality due to stress
  • Work pressure and workspace-related stress hampering personal life
  • Work-life balance disruption
  • Personal issues
  • Symptoms of mental disorders like anxiety or depression
  • The toxic environment at the workplace such as dirty office politics, harassment, bullying, and gossiping

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How to Apply for Stress Leave? 

This leave is dedicated to the recovery of one’s mental health. As this recovery period is a very crucial part of any employee’s life, one needs to follow these steps to successfully write a stress leave application:

  • Consult a physician/therapist/psychiatrist/psychologist to identify the problem and get a proper diagnosis, treatment plan, recovery methods, and medication.
  • After diagnosis, get a doctor’s note prescribing time off from work.
  • Convey your diagnosis to your reporting authority and produce the doctor’s report. 
  • Explain all work-related stress to the Human Resources (HR) department/executive/manager.
  • After a verbal message, send a stress level application to your reporting manager. 

Stress Leave Application Format

When applying for stress leave, an employee must include the following sections:

  • Name of the employer/reporting manager; name and address of the organisation
  • Date
  • Subject: should include ‘Stress Leave’. Be concise and direct.
  • Greetings/salutation
  • Body of the letter: Mention the reason for stress; Dates for which you will be absent from work; suggest the name of a colleague who will take your responsibilities; and contact details. 
  • Closing remark: Express gratitude for acknowledging your situation and granting leave.
  • Give your regards
  • Mention your name and job title
  • Your signature

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Here are two stress leave application samples for the reference of employees who have the urgency to take this leave.

Sample 1


(Name of the Reporting Manager)

(Name of the Organisation)

(Address of the Organisation)


Subject: Application for requesting stress leave

Dear Sir/Ma’am (Any other salutation the reporting authority prefers)

I, (Name of the applicant), work as (Job title) in your company. I want to bring to your notice that I have been suffering from anxiety. Due to the increasing stress levels and their impact on my mental health, my doctor has advised me to take a break from work. I would like to take a leave from (DD/MM/YYYY) to (DD/MM/YYYY).

I have briefed my teammate (Name of your colleague) about my condition and he/she/they would take over my work in my absence. I will be available on my contact number (0000000000) in case of an emergency. However, I will not be able to come to the office due to the nature of my recovery. 

I would be extremely grateful if you accept my application.

I have enclosed a copy of my doctor’s note describing my diagnosis and recovery plan.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

(Name of the applicant)

(Designation of the applicant)

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Sample 2

stress leave application



(Name of the Employer),

(Designation of the Employer)

(Name and Address of the Enterprise)

Subject: Leave request due to increasing stress levels at work

Dear Ma’am/Sir,

This is to inform you that I have not been keeping well for the last few days. My mental and physical health is taking a toll due to the stress at the workplace. On account of my deteriorating health conditions, my doctor has asked me to take a break from work. My therapist has advised me to dissociate myself from work to return back to my daily activities. I would like to request a leave of absence from (DD/MM/YYYY) to (DD/MM/YYYY).

Please grant my request for stress leave. I would be grateful if you consider my request. I have asked (Name of the colleague), my co-worker, to take over my work responsibilities in my absence.

I might extend my leave if my condition worsens. I have notified my colleagues and team regarding the same. I am enclosing my diagnosis report and therapist’s note recommending a break from work. 

Thanking you.


(Name of the applicant)


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Q. What are the reasons to take a stress leave?

A. People apply for stress leave for the following reasons:
1. Inability to perform one’s responsibilities
2. Deteriorating work quality due to stress
3. Work pressure and workspace-related stress hampering personal life
4. Work-life balance disruption
5. Personal issues
6. Symptoms of mental disorders like anxiety or depression
7. The toxic environment at the workplace such as dirty office politics, harassment, bullying, and gossiping

Is stress leave with pay?

Certain countries have laws granting stress leave. In such countries, employees can take this paid leave whenever they need to take a time off from work. Many organisations also have stress-related paid leaves in their HR policy. However, if your country or employer does not guarantee this leave, you can always ask for a sick leave to treat your cerebral health. 

How do you write a stress leave note?

Start your note with a salutation and date. Express your symptoms, express the cause of stress at the workplace, share your doctor’s advice, suggest a teammate who would be your proxy, and mention your gratitude. 

This was all about the stress leave application. Read about different types of leave applications on Leverage Edu

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