Application for Sick Leave – Format and Sample

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Application for Sick Leave

Application for sick leave is required by individuals at school, college or office, which you are informing the concerned authorities about your absence due to illness. Therefore, knowing the correct format for a sick leave mail or application is very important for effective communication with the concerned authorities. This can be possible through the effective writing of an application that must be known.  Read this blog to get to know about writing an application for sick leave, including format, samples, and tips to follow. 

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What is an Application for Sick Leave? 

A sick leave application is a formal letter that students and working professionals write to their principals and managers to inform them about their leave due to poor health conditions. The sick leave application for school or office contains details like duration and date of leave along with other related information to the illness. If the duration of the leave is going to be for a long period due to a significant health condition then it is generally advisable to attach a medical certificate with the application for the sick leave. 

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What to Include in a Sick Leave Application?

  1. Introducing paragraph: The introduction paragraph in the application for sick leave should always be about writing about who you are (your name, in case of school and college – your class or course name and case of office – your job position). Writing formally and respectfully is extremely important as it sets the tone for the rest of the application.
  2. The body: This part of the application will cover the important details like the dates on which you will be absent, your current health condition and the severity of the illness. Remember to write everything to the point to avoid irrelevant information. 
  3. Concluding paragraph: The concluding paragraph is all about asking formally the concerned authorities to grant you leave, which should again be done in a kind and respectful manner.  

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How to Write an Application for Sick Leave?

Follow the below major points and steps to write an application for sick leave.

Format of the Application

When it comes to the format, the following are some of the important points that you must keep in mind:   

  • Contact information and name: Never forget to mention your name in the introductory paragraph and other information like – in case of school and college, class and course and in case of office your job designation. This is an important piece of information that shouldn’t be missed out. Also, while signing off write your contact details like phone number and email ID. 
  • Date: You need to write the date at the top left corner of the application. The date should be the one on which you will be sending the sick leave application to the teacher/ principal/ manager.
  • Contact Information of Recipient: Make sure you write the name as well as the designation of the recipient. Apart from including the name of your company, make sure to add the address below the designation. 
  • Salutation: In this part, you need to greet the recipient. If the work culture and letter-writing format of your company are focused on a last-name basis, you need to greet them with their prefix and surname. 
  • Subject: This is one of the most important parts of any application as the subject tells the reader concisely in a few words what the application is about. While writing the subject, make sure you include to-the-point details. 
  • Body: In this part, you need to write the main part of your letter. Make sure you explain your issues properly. But you should not write more than four paragraphs. 
  • Sign-Off: You can end your letter by adding Yours sincerely, Yours truly, or  Yours faithfully, followed by your contact information such as your email ID and phone number as well as your name. 

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Attach Supporting Documents – Medical Prescription

In case of prolonged illness or severe health condition, always attach a medical certificate or prescription from the doctor which will support your sick leave. 

Always Try to be Honest 

You must coherently explain the status of your health condition. Keep in mind that you are under no obligation to tell any other personal information, including the specifics of your emergency and the signs and symptoms of your medical conditions. You do not have to give them your information if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. 

Try to gauge your condition and calculate the days required to recuperate

Analyze and consult with your doctor regarding your health condition to calculate the number of days that will be required for you to feel well. Always try to have effective and clear communication with your manager or teacher regarding your current condition so that there is no confusion. 

Only Provide the Necessary Details 

Always avoid adding redundant information in your application as not only does it make the reader less interested but also reduces the degree of sincerity of the application. Stick to the necessary details and manage to write them coherently.

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Tips to Follow

Following are some of the important tips you need to consider when writing an application for sick leave: 

  • Don’t forget to offer a variety of details depending on the importance of your letter.
  • Make sure to get in touch with your employer or principal to find out if the leave request has been authorized.
  • While submitting a sick leave application, adhere to all pertinent procedures.
  • Don’t forget to attach a medical certificate to support your assertion.
  • Keep a copy of the letter on hand at all times.
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Sample of Application for Sick Leave

Below is a sample of the application for your better understanding.

1 Dec 2023

The Principal/ Manager,

School name/ company name 


Subject: Application for sick leave 

Respected Sir/ Madam,

My name is XYZ and I am currently studying in class 12th in your prestigious school. I am writing this application to apply for sick leave due to my poor health condition.

I am suffering from severe mouth ulcers because of this I am in a lot of pain. Due to this, I would like to apply for 3 days’ leave i.e. from 1 Dec to 3 Dec as suggested by my doctor. For reference, I am attaching a medical certificate stating my current health condition.  

I would be highly obliged if you would grant me leave. 

Yours truly,


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Q1. How do I tell work for sick leave?

Ans. The best way is to first communicate directly with your manager or employer regarding your health condition. After doing so, make sure to write an application for sick leave that will serve as an official document for the record. 

Q2. How do I state the reason for sick leave?

Ans. Tell the current status of your health and your doctor’s observation during the consultation. Don’t forget to attach the medical certificate with your application for sick leave. 

Q3. How do I write a sick leave application?

Ans. By following the format of the application for sick leave you can easily write the application. All you need to do is to write effectively by providing the necessary details and refraining from unnecessary information. 

Q4. How do I ask for sick leave permission?

Ans. To ask or apply for leave due to illness you need to write an application for sick leave and provide details like – the current status of your health, no. of days required for you to recuperate, your medical certificate and your contact information. 

Writing a good application for sick leave is an easy task if you follow the format and stick to providing necessary information while being honest regarding your condition. Also being clear while writing the application and supporting it with the necessary documents i.e, either a medical certificate or prescription will make your application look more effective. 

This is everything you need to know about how to write an application for sick leave. Make sure you follow Leverage Edufor for more informative articles.

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