How to become a Therapist?

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How to Become a Therapist (1)

Ever wondered when you get all stressed about life and don’t know understand where to go for help? THERAPIST! Yes, you read it right. A therapist is a trained professional who provides rehabilitation and correct treatment. Psychologists often use the term “therapists”. There are various types of therapists who need to get licensed to practice, including psychotherapist or counsellor who plays an important element in the treatment to overcome your mental health issue. Suppose you dream about becoming a Therapist but don’t know how to become one. Well, you have landed on the right blog.  Keep reading to know the requirements, eligibility, top colleges and much more! 

Types of Therapists

The types of therapists are:

how to become a therapist
Source: Annapurna Express

Steps to Become a Therapist

There are a few steps you need to follow to pursue a career as a Therapist.

First Decide on Your Specialty

There are different types of therapy such as family, behavioural, cognitive, family, behavioural, and rehabilitation. The overall path for all of these careers is similar; however, you must make choices earlier about specialising in a specific therapy area. This helps you in taking undergraduate and graduate degrees in relevant coursework.

After deciding to pursue a career as a therapist, you need to earn a relevant degree, bachelor of science or bachelor of arts. You are required to pursue an undergraduate from a recognised board with counselling, sociology, or psychology as your minor or major disciplines. 

Earn a Postgraduate Degree 

After completing an undergraduate degree, you may opt for a postgraduate degree in the same field. After completing a postgraduate degree, more opportunities are available to the candidates than an undergraduate degree.

Completion of Clinical Work

You are required to be licensed, and for that, you need verifiable clinical hours as a part of your training. Many undergraduate and postgraduate degrees include this practical clinic work. However, if this is not provided to you while pursuing a degree, you can look for internship opportunities that allow you to complete your clinical work.

Eligibility Requirements 

These are some basic eligibility requirements; however, they may differ depending upon the sectors you want to work for.

  • First, you must complete an undergraduate with relevant subjects and good scores from a recognised university
  • After completing an undergraduate degree, you must pursue a postgraduate degree in relevant subjects from a recognised institution
  • Then you are required to complete your clinical supervision required to get licensed
  • Then you have to look for a job opportunity as per your interests

Top Universities for Therapists

Many top universities across the globe offer a degree for therapists. Some of the popular universities are 

Name of the Universities  Country
University of Manchester  UK
The University of British Columbia Canada
University of Alberta Canada
Harvard University USA
Northeastern University USA
Memorial University of Newfoundland UK
Arizona State University the USA
Ludwig Maximilians University Munich Germany
University of Greenwich UK
University of Waterloo Canada

Best Universities for Therapists in India

If you are planning to pursue a career as a therapist in India then you must know that many best colleges offer a plethora of courses. Some of the top institutions include

Name of the Colleges  Location 
Miranda House  New Delhi, Delhi NCR
Loyola College Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Hansraj College  New Delhi, Delhi NCR
Presidency College Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Kirorimal College New Delhi, Delhi NCR
St. Xavier’s College Mumbai, Maharashtra
Ramjas College New Delhi, Delhi NCR
Sri Venkateswara College – Delhi New Delhi, Delhi NCR
Kalinga University Raipur, Chhattisgarh
Stella Maris College Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Job Prospects

There are a plethora of various opportunities in this field after you complete your undergraduate or postgraduate degree. You can pursue a job in the private and government sectors, and many top organisations recruit therapists.


The major reason for pursuing a career as a therapist is many job opportunities with high packages. The average salary in India ranges between INR 3,24,500 per annum. However, the salary increases with development in skills and earning experience in the field.

Experience Level Starting Salary Medium Salary Experienced Salary
Average Salary in INR  2,40,000 per annum 3,24,500 per annum Up to 5,50,000 per annum

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