7 Creative Ideas for Holiday Homework for Class 2 Science 

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Holiday Homework for Class 2 Science

Creative holiday homework acts as a means to allow children to have fun while learning. Hence, in this blog, we are providing you with 7 creative ideas for holiday homework for Class 2 Science. These ideas will make sure that students remain in touch with their studies while still enjoying their vacation. Let’s explore them now! 

Holiday Homework for Class 2 Science 

1. Science News

Holiday Homework for Class 2 Science

Find 7 articles related to science, cut them out, and paste them into a scrapbook. Then elaborate on each article and present it to the class. 

2. Science Quiz

From your favourite chapter or topic, create a science quiz consisting of 20 questions. When you return to school, do a quiz session in your class. 

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3. Science Exhibition

Holiday Homework for Class 2 Science

Visit a science museum or exhibition nearby, and take photos there. Then, create a report of what you saw and learned in that exhibition, explaining it in detail. 

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4. Science Documentary

Watch a science documentary and summarise the same in an essay on what the plot was, what concept you learned, etc. Paste pictures from the same. 

5. Build a Model

Build a working model of a project like the water cycle, solar system, etc. You can choose any concept from your science book. 

6. Biographies of Scientists

Select 5 scientists and create a poster on them. On the back of the posters, write information regarding them, like their name, their discoveries, their contribution in science, etc. 

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7. Science Journal

Create a science journal and write down 20 facts about different concepts and theories of science. Make well-labeled diagrams of them and paste pictures too. Make it as creative as possible. 


Q.1. How do I make my holiday homework creative?

Ans: You can make your holiday homework creative by decorating it with materials like mirrors, glitter, etc. You can execute ideas in a fun way too. 

Q.2. What are homework activities? 

Ans: Homework activities are tasks that are given to students to be completed at home. 

Q.3. How to write homework in a creative way? 

Ans: You can use creative writing to write your holiday homework in a fun and creative way. 

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