NCERT Solutions Class 8 Geography Chapter 1 Resources (Free PDF)

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NCERT Solutions Class 8 Geography Chapter 1 Resources

We are providing NCERT Solutions Class 8 Geography Chapter 1: Resources. A PDF of these solutions is also available for download. These will help you in preparing for your school exams. You can refer to these and ace your exams! Let us get started!

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NCERT Solutions Class 8 Geography Chapter 1 Resources

Here are NCERT NCERT Solutions Class 8 Geography Chapter 1 Resources to questions in the exercise section of the lesson. 

1. Answer the following questions.

(i) Why are resources distributed unequally over the earth?

Answer: The distribution of natural resources depends upon a number of physical factors like terrain, climate and altitude and Earth has different topography at different places. Hence, the distribution of resources is unequal because these factors differ so much over the Earth 

(ii) What is resource conservation?

Answer: When we use resources carefully, we give them time to get replenished. This is known as resource conservation. It is the conservation of resources that have ethical value like water, trees,etc.

(iii) Why are human resources important?

Answer: Human beings are a valuable resource because they with their skill, knowledge and technology make the best use of nature to create more resources. People are human resources. Improving the quality of people’s skills so that they can create more resources is known as human resource development which in turn provides the ability to extract value from other natural resources. 

(iv) What is sustainable development?

Answer: Sustainable development is balancing the need to use resources and conserve them for the future. It is the ability of our people to preserve and maintain the support system of life that is provided by nature. 

Some Principles of Sustainable Development 

  1. Respect and care for all forms of life. 
  2. Improve the quality of human life. 
  3. Conserve the earth’s vitality and diversity.  
  4. Minimise the depletion of natural resources.  
  5. Change personal attitudes and practices towards the environment.  
  6. Enable communities to care for their environment

2. Tick the correct Answer

(i) Which one of the following does NOT make the substance a resource?

  1. Utility
  2. Value
  3. Quantity

Answer: 3 Quantity

(ii) Which one of the following is a human-made resource?

  1. Medicines to treat cancer
  2. Spring water
  3. Tropical forest

Answer: 1 Medicine to treat cancer

(iii) Complete the following statement:

Non-renewable resources are ______

(a) those which have limited stock

(b) made by human beings

(c) derived from non-living things

Answer: (a) those which have limited stock

Source: Magnet Brains
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Q1. What is value?

Ans: Value simply means worth. Objects or substances can have different values. Some can have economic value such as metals. Some resources can become economically valuable with time

Q2. What is water in NCERT Class 8 Geography Chapter 1 Resources?

Ans: Water is a renewable resource.

Q3. What are the 3 main sources of water?

Ans: The 3 main sources of water are:
Surface water

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